Saturday, April 12, 2008

Preparing Formula Milk

The first question I asked when I started to prepare formula milk for Jordan is, “How much hot water to add?” The standard answer I got was, “Add until it is warm enough.” I read somewhere that I was supposed to pour a bit of water onto my wrist and feel it. If it is not burning, then it is just right. I was not satisfied with the answer. I find it rather troublesome to always pour out a bit and feel. What I was looking for was a formula – the number of ounces of hot water for a specific feeding. I began to experiment on my own. At that time, Jordan was taking 5 oz of formula milk. So, I tried with 3 oz of normal temperature water and 2 oz of hot water, and the overall temperature was just right for the feeding. When his feeding was increased to 7 oz, I also used the same formula – 5 oz of normal temperature water and 2 oz of water. Now, at 2.4 years old, he takes 10 oz. That is, 8 oz of normal temperature water with 2 oz of hot water.

However, I find that the formula is not appropriate for feeding less than 5 oz. If less than 5 oz, the amount of hot water should be between 1 to 1.5 oz so that it is not burning. A friend did advise me to prepare slightly hotter because sometimes the child make take a long time to finish the milk. Hence, if the temperature is just right, it will get cold fast. I didn’t really follow the advice because Jordan finished his milk at one go most of the time. So, if your child takes a long time to finish the milk, you may want to prepare the milk slightly warmer.

I always prepare the water first before adding the milk powder. I also find it easier and faster to pour the milk into the milk dispenser first before preparing the milk. I’m glad that I found this big milk dispenser at Jaya Jusco. Most containers are not big enough to store the portion of milk powder for Jordan. The milk dispenser that I have now is just right to keep 6 big scoops of milk powder in one compartment. There are 3 compartments in the dispenser.

Currently, Jordan takes 3 bottles of milk a day – 10 oz each time – morning, evening and night. When the time has come for his milk, he would say, “Susu” (Milk in Malay). He would wait for me on the bed, with the comforter pulled up to his neck. Once I entered the room with the milk, he would say, “Susu” again. He would ask me to shake the milk. Sometimes, he would want to shake it himself. He would then place the napkin over his neck and drink the milk. It’s a joy to see him finish the milk each time.

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