Monday, April 21, 2008

Ladies Discipleship Cell – “Popiah Nite”

The Ladies Discipleship Cell (LDC) in my church meets every fortnight on a Thursday, 8 pm. We are currently doing the Bible study “Believing God” by Beth Moore.

“Originating from a concept introduced in Isaiah 43:10, Believing God examines what it means to believe God rather than only believe in Him. We study the lives of Abraham and others from Hebrews 11 as examples of people who believed God. This study parallels a personal journey Beth took in coming to understand what it means to believe God.”

Last Thursday, 17 April 2008, the ladies (14 altogether) met at Chooi Kuan’s home for dinner cum review. We had popiah for main course and peach crumble (by Helen) for dessert. I can’t remember how many popiah I ate – either 3 or 4, but small ones. The fillings included lettuce, raddish, fried egg, french beans, taugeh, prawn, Chinese sausage, fried onion, prawn, shrimp, fried bean curd, cucumber, and sauce (chilli or sweet sauce). I may have left out some of the ingredients.

It was awesome. All the ladies thoroughly enjoyed it. We even have fun comparing the sizes of the popiahs we made. Some look so huge that it’s unbelievable that our dear friend could eat it. The last one she had actually torn and she had to add another popiah skin to cover it. Amazing! I counted, she ate 4! Guess who?

How to make the popiah:
i) Spread the popiah skin with some sauce. I don’t take chili sauce, so I just spread it with sweet sauce. Initially, I put too much and it was too salty. If you prefer salty, then you can add more.
ii) Next, place the lettuce on one side.
iii) Then, add a bit of everything on top of the lettuce.
iv) Lastly, which is the most difficult part, roll the popiah, cover up the edges, and pray that the skin will not tear.

I enjoyed the peach crumble a lot – I had three slices! Helen is simply superb with her dessert. She is an excellent cook, and has organized various cooking lessons before – as part of the church programme.

I enjoyed the fellowship. We shared about what we have learned and our struggles with the Bible study. For me, initially, I struggled in joining the LDC. For the first three sessions, I just went because I felt that I had to go not because I wanted to. Soon, I realized that I was focusing too much on my own problems rather than on God. After that I began to open up more. I was really encouraged by the passion that some of the ladies have with the study. Some even looked forward to see what clothes Beth would be wearing and whether her hair would be tied up or down. Amusing, eh? The ladies are really having lots of fun. I also struggled with the homework. I didn’t attempt all the questions. Some questions were difficult to understand. I left most of the ‘thinking’ questions blank. Sometimes I just have nothing to write, and most of the time, it’s just plain laziness. Now, I am beginning to feel some of the excitement that the ladies experienced with the study. I didn’t start off well but, with God’s strength, I hope to finish it well.

Overall, it was a good review. All the ladies are keen to move on, and commit to the LDC. We will be meeting again on 8 May 2008 with the session “Believing that I can do all things through Christ”. Each session begins with a video (about 1 hour), and followed by 5 days of homework. The homework is not easy indeed – lots of thinking and digesting. A sample homework is found here. I will definitely share what I’ve learned. It was definitely an enriching experience. I look forward to the next session.

Popiah Nite

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