Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jordan’s First Recital of the Alphabets

It was between 9:30 – 10 pm on Tuesday, 15 April 2008. I decided to test Jordan’s memory on the alphabets. Actually, I thought that he won’t respond well. I just tried. I pointed at ‘A’, and he said loudly, “A”. Then, I did the same thing with the letter, ‘B’, and he responded with a loud, “B”. I got excited. My sister was also there. I continued with the rest of the alphabets. Now, Jordan was also getting excited. He jumped each time he said an alphabet. My sister and I cheered him all the way. I was so happy that I sent an sms to my mother after that. My mother suggested that we record down the session next time.

He was in a good mood when Seng Chor and I picked him up from the babysitter yesterday. Before he goes into the car, he would touch the orchid first. The flowers are in the garage. It’s a normal routine. He won’t leave without touching the orchid. If we forget and take him to the car, he would cry, “Orchid, orchid”. Funny boy.

As usual, in the car, he would look out the window and observe. He would say out various things he saw, and occasionally ask, “What’s this?” He is very observant. Many times, he would say objects that we didn’t even notice. Last night, he said, “Motorbike up”. He saw the motorbike going up the overhead bridge. It was dark and I couldn’t even see it clearly, but he saw.

Yesterday morning, Seng Chor took him to the Immigration Department at Subang to collect his first passport. Jordan had to be present so that he could place his right thumb print on the passport. The little thumb print looks so cute. He looks so handsome in the photo as well – really looks like a big boy.

All of us slept well last night.

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