Monday, February 26, 2007

Jordan’s Favourite Colour

He likes to hold and bite this block which has a base blue in colour.

Most of the time, he reaches out for the mega blocks which are blue in colour.

He likes the blue-coloured milk powder milk dispenser.

He enjoys playing with the blue-coloured container with cups in blue as well.

He is attracted to the blue-coloured sequins on my denim skirt.

His favourite cartoon character – Pocoyo and Cookie Monster – both blue.

And what is his Mummy’s favourite colour?

The answer is BLUE!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jordan & I during CNY

Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY Itinerary in Penang

The itinerary for the Chinese New Year is the same every year. It’s the family tradition.

Chinese New Year’s Eve
Steamboat for reunion lunch and dinner. My mother-in-law would cook lobak and prepare a dessert with longan, pak ko, suet yee (white fungus) and red dates. I’m a big fan of her dessert. Her lobak is easily the best in Penang. All the relatives love her lobak. They tried to follow her recipe but it doesn’t turn out as tasty as hers.

1st Day of Chinese New Year
Visit the eldest Aunt and family who stay in Bukit Mertajam.
Followed by a visit to the second eldest Aunt and family in Butterworth. This year, there is a special addition to their family – her first grandson. So, he is Jordan’s second cousin.
Visit mother-in-law’s relatives – the second eldest brother and family.

2nd Day of Chinese New Year
Lunch at the 3rd Uncle and family at Kepala Batas which is about half an hour away.
Then, return home to prepare for the relatives’ visit at our home for dinner. This year, my mother-in-law cooked a special noodle. Quite yummy. I normally help out by serving the dessert and wash the dishes.

3rd Day of Chinese New Year
Off to Penang Island to visit the youngest Aunt and family. Lunch is served there. Every year, they served Indian food. This year the menu – roti jala, lamb kumar, curry chicken and ju hu char.
Visit mother-in-law’s relatives in Penang. We usually visit Ah Tua Yee and her family.

4th Day of Chinese New Year
Parents-in-law off to work and distribute ang pows to the workers.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chinese New Year Blues

First Attack – 16 February 2007 (Friday)
We left Bandar Utama for Penang at around 7:30 pm, and reached Penang almost 12 midnight. The traffic was jammed for the first half of the journey. It took us about 1 hour to reach Bukit Beruntung, which is normally about half an hour away on off-peak season. Jordan was ok until about 9:30 pm. After that, I had to release him from the car seat in front to sit with me at the back. He didn’t finish his milk. He managed to sleep in my arms later.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the whole family – parent-in-laws, sister-in-law Li San, sister-in-law Huey Pin, her hubby Danny and baby Jeffrey. We went to bed around 1 am++. We couldn’t sleep. Jordan didn’t want to sleep in his playpen as well. We were attacked by mosquitoes. Seng Chor got the worst attack. He woke up with almost 100 mosquito bites on his left arm, face and legs! Seriously, he had about 50 over bites on the same area near his left elbow. I got attacked on the face and neck. Jordan had about 7 bites on his face and ears. There were a few on his hands and legs too. The worst night was not over yet, at least for Jordan.

Second Attack – 17 February 2007 (Saturday)
My sister-in-law Li San sprayed insecticide in the evening. But still the mosquitoes prevail. Jordan and I got attack more this time. Probably the mosquitoes had too much of Seng Chor’s blood the previous night. Few more spots appeared on Jordan. Both of us didn’t sleep well. The mosquitoes disturbed him and woke him up in the middle of the night. He slept on the bed with us eventually, but not after twisting and turning all over to fend off the mosquitoes. I endured the same fate.

Third Attack – 18 February 2007 (Sunday)
First Day of Chinese New Year
No insecticide. So, the mosquitoes continued to feast on Jordan and I most of the time. I felt more bites on my neck.

Fourth Attack – 19 February 2007 (Monday)
2nd Day of Chinese New Year
This time, my father-in-law sprayed insecticide in the evening. Nevertheless, Jordan and I suffered the same fate as the previous night, though seemed less intensive.

Fifth and Worst Attack – 20 February 2007 (Tuesday)
We were out the whole day. So, we didn’t spray any insecticide. It was a terrible night. Again, Jordan and I were the main target. Jordan suffered the most. He woke up with about 17 bites on his face and ears! In total, probably close to 30 bites including those on the first few nights.

Sixth and Last Night – 21 February 2007 (Wednesday)
Lesson learned. We remembered to spray – Seng Chor did the spraying. I think no mosquito in sight but Jordan was still restless.

22 February 2007
Result of the attack - Jordan had fever. Seng Chor and my father-in-law took him to the doctor. He was given 4 types of medicine – fever, cough/phlegm, cold and cream for the bites.

After his fever subsided, we left Penang around 2 pm, and arrived home at about 7 pm.

Jordan whined the whole day. He still had fever in the morning. He wanted me to carry him most of the time and didn’t want me to be out of his sight. Seng Chor went back to work. So, I had to endure his whining the whole day. Sigh! Thankfully, he slept for about 1 hour plus in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon (3 – 4 pm). I managed to do some washing and blogging during that time. I thank God for giving me the patience to take care of him. I always wonder – I can’t even handle one kid, how can I manage another one? I still wonder…

Friday, February 16, 2007

An Unexpected Rose on V-Day

It was almost noon. I was in the car park, on the way to McDonald’s for lunch. Then, I received an sms from my beloved – “Lunch at Centerpoint?” So, I called him to confirm. He picked me at around 12:45 pm. I entered his car, and he said, “Look, what’s in front.” A rose! The last time I received flowers from Seng Chor was during our 4th wedding anniversary in 2004. It was a bouquet of lilies and pink roses. Wow! That’s about 2 and half years ago.

We had a good lunch at Pizza Uno, Centerpoint. The menu:

Mushroom soup
Tomato soup
Caesar salad with smoked chicken
Lime Juice
Apple & Apricot Juice

It’s been quite a while since we had a meal as a couple. We talked about our beloved son. We tried to recall where we had our first Valentine’s Day dinner. Hmm…maybe at Sushi King. Both of us love Japanese food. We also talked about our plans for the night.

For dinner, we went to one of our favourite restaurants in 1 Utama – Yoshinoya. We had the beef rice. Our beloved son was with us. Then, we shopped at Giant and Jusco. We bought mainly drinks for Chinese New Year and stuffs (clothes, porridge, cereal and diapers) for Jordan. It was a good family time.

The rose was definitely a beautiful surprise. Just one is enough to melt my heart. Thank you, Seng Chor.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


"For God so loV ed the world
......That He gA ve
...........his onL y
..........BegottE n
...................T hat whosoever
......Believeth I n Him
.........Should N ot perish,
......But have E verlasting life."

(John 3:16)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sticky Baby

It feels good to have Jordan sitting on my lap each time. Every night, he wants me to sit with him on the floor and play with him. Whenever I’m not there with him, he would look for me and crawl to me. Sometimes, he just wants to stick to me and sit on my lap. One night, as I was sitting on the sofa he even climbed up the sofa and sat next to me. It really feels good. So precious…

Every night, he plays with his blocks – biting them, transferring them from one place to another, passing them to me or throwing them all over the floor. He normally reaches home before 8 pm and he plays until 10:30 pm. He sleeps before 11 pm. He has been sleeping well (in his cot).

Last week, we tried a different ‘formula’ as he hasn’t been finishing up his milk at night. So, we no longer feed him with cereal at 8:30 pm during weekdays, but just give him water to drink. It seems to be working. He must be taking more porridge at the babysitter’s place.

Seng Chor noticed that he seems to have difficulty sucking the milk. We have actually added 2 scoops of cereal into his night milk. He suggested that the bottle silicone teat be enlarged again. We have already cut the silicone teat so that the flow is much faster. Tonight, I have cut a little hole on it. The experiment begins tomorrow night. Hopefully, he can drink faster and finish it up. He tends to give up if the flow is too slow.

His physical movements…
He is walking little by little. It’s a joy to see him taking a few steps each time. He is still not really confident. Recently, Seng Chor taught him how to perform a somersault on the bed. Tonight, Jordan did at least 2 somersaults on his own. We play with him every night on the bed before he sleeps. He laughs aloud each time. He loves it when we run towards him and pretend to catch him. No nightmare so far. Hee! Hee!

His emotions…
Few nights ago, I took out the wooden train for him to play. It consists of blocks of different sizes. Initially, he was trying to place a block into the correct position. He couldn’t and he got frustrated. So, I gave him a smaller block to try. He was able to put it properly. He smiled and seemed to look to us for affirmation. He repeated the actions many times – took the block out and put it back again. For each successful attempt, we clapped our hands to encourage him. He would look at us and smile. Another precious moment with him…

From this episode with the wooden train, it shows that he doesn’t give up easily. He keeps on trying until he succeeds. He accepts it when we gave him a different block to try. He acknowledges our affirmation with a sweet smile and laughter.

My precious boy

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Google Search on: “Christine Lee”

Recently, I performed a Google search on my name - Christine Lee.
The relevant results are furnished below. Not too bad...even my blog appeared in the search.


First Google Search = “Christine Lee”

Results – About 127,000 from the Web

DBLP: Christine Lee
Christine Lee. List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server - FAQ ... 1, Christine Lee, Mohd Sapiyan Baba: Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic Student Model
Lee:Christine.html - 3k -

FIE 2005 Author Index

Results – About 258 pages from Malaysia

Senarai Nama Calon Untuk Konvokesyen 2006 * 1) Doktor Falsafah Bil ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLCHRISTINE LEE SIEW KEN : A C++ Standard. Template Library Intelligent Tutoring. System with Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic. Student Model. WHA030006
senaraiKonvo06.pdf -

Architect Summit Highlight
“I can share with students about the importance of Software Architect” Christine Lee, Head of School of KBU International College - 19k -


Second Google Search = “Christine Lee” Intelligent Tutoring Systems (From the Web)

DBLP: Christine Lee
1, Christine Lee, Mohd Sapiyan Baba: Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic Student Model in the C++ STL Intelligent Tutoring System. IMECS 2006: 98-103
Lee:Christine.html - 3k –

International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists ...
92-97 BibTeX · Christine Lee, Mohd Sapiyan Baba: Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic Student Model in the C++ STL Intelligent Tutoring System. - 71k -
[ More results from ]

Work in Progress - Development of a 3-Tier Architecture C++ STL ITS
File Format: PDF/Adobe AcrobatChristine Lee and Mohd Sapiyan Baba. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, ... Abstract - Most of the current Intelligent Tutoring Systems -

The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been ...
Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic Student Model in the C++ STL Intelligent Tutoring System, Dr. Christine Lee. Better Quality of Decisions : Approaches to more - 20k -

International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists ...
SUMAN REDDY.K. Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic Student Model in the C++ STL Intelligent Tutoring System Ms. Christine Lee. Adaptive Backstepping Tracking Control - 40k -

Senarai Nama Calon Untuk Konvokesyen 2006 * 1) Doktor Falsafah Bil ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLCHRISTINE LEE SIEW KEN : A C++ Standard. Template Library Intelligent Tutoring. System with Bayesian and Fuzzy Logic. Student Model. WHA030006
senaraiKonvo06.pdf -

Memoirs of Doctor Cabokia: PhD – to pursue or not
By Dr Christine Lee Siew Ken. Doing a PhD? It all began in 2002. ... Eventually, I discovered my interest in Intelligent Tutoring Systems. - 35k -

Quote of the Month (January)

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Monday, February 05, 2007

I ate BUGS!

John and Wan Yi came back from Cambodia recently. They didn’t return alone. They brought back bugs – maggots, crickets, locusts, tarantula spider, Madagascar cockroaches, and a fly (not sure whether it was part of the ‘team’ or just killed by John). All dead - fried!

They offered those poor fellows to the youth at the Youth Voltage’s farewell dinner for both of them. Hmm…I was one of the devourers. I ate 2 maggots, 2 crickets/locusts, 1 tarantula and 2 cockroaches. I refrained myself from eating the big ones. It was crunchy. What does it taste like? Taste like bugs loh. Hee! Hee! Hee! It tastes good actually. I don’t mind eating more. I ate more than Seng Chor.

For your information, I didn’t get stomach ache after that. Actually, Seng Chor and I had a bit of stomach upset before that. The bugs seem to have neutralized it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The maggots! Crunchy and quite yummy.

The yummy locusts, crickets, tarantulas and a fly.
I didn't see the fly after this. I wonder what happened to it.

The Madagascar roaches.

The big ones - locust

One of the big ones - which I didn't eat.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Successful Training

Seng Chor did it! He has successful trained Jordan to sleep in his cot immediately after his night milk. Well…after enduring one week of butt smacking, Jordan has finally returned to his usual sleeping pattern. He now sleeps from 10 pm+ until 7 am+ the next morning. And most importantly, he sleeps in his cot. He could have slept longer. But we had to wake him up every morning to send him to the babysitter. Poor Jordan!

Before the butt smacking, Seng Chor and I suffered for almost a month. Hey! We are not torturing him. His butts are protected by Mamy Poko diapers – quite thick. I have told Seng Chor this – “You can hit anywhere but his face or head.” Buttocks are ok. More flesh, and the pain can go off quite quickly. Too bad that Seng Chor has to play the role of the ‘bad’ parent most of the time. I have hit Jordan before. I have scolded him loudly before as well. After that, I will give him lots of hugs and kisses. Hee! Hee!

Seng Chor and I have been Jordan’s hairstylist since his birth. Hmm…quite proud of it actually. It normally takes a few haircut sessions to improve the style. Not an easy task as Jordan keeps on moving. Yesterday, I nearly cut off his flesh at the back! Seng Chor managed to straighten his fringe. I cut his side burns. Still need another session to touch up.

Jordan went on a diet yesterday. He didn’t finish his milk. He ate more porridge than last Saturday. Finished half of the cereal during lunch but he rejected the cereal at night. He drank only about 6 oz out of 9 oz of milk at night. We wonder why. According to Aunty Sue, it’s ok for him to behave like that once in awhile – he has reserves. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Before Haircut

After haircut