Monday, February 05, 2007

I ate BUGS!

John and Wan Yi came back from Cambodia recently. They didn’t return alone. They brought back bugs – maggots, crickets, locusts, tarantula spider, Madagascar cockroaches, and a fly (not sure whether it was part of the ‘team’ or just killed by John). All dead - fried!

They offered those poor fellows to the youth at the Youth Voltage’s farewell dinner for both of them. Hmm…I was one of the devourers. I ate 2 maggots, 2 crickets/locusts, 1 tarantula and 2 cockroaches. I refrained myself from eating the big ones. It was crunchy. What does it taste like? Taste like bugs loh. Hee! Hee! Hee! It tastes good actually. I don’t mind eating more. I ate more than Seng Chor.

For your information, I didn’t get stomach ache after that. Actually, Seng Chor and I had a bit of stomach upset before that. The bugs seem to have neutralized it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The maggots! Crunchy and quite yummy.

The yummy locusts, crickets, tarantulas and a fly.
I didn't see the fly after this. I wonder what happened to it.

The Madagascar roaches.

The big ones - locust

One of the big ones - which I didn't eat.

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Kinson said...

Bleargh.. >.<

I respect the guts you have :P