Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY Itinerary in Penang

The itinerary for the Chinese New Year is the same every year. It’s the family tradition.

Chinese New Year’s Eve
Steamboat for reunion lunch and dinner. My mother-in-law would cook lobak and prepare a dessert with longan, pak ko, suet yee (white fungus) and red dates. I’m a big fan of her dessert. Her lobak is easily the best in Penang. All the relatives love her lobak. They tried to follow her recipe but it doesn’t turn out as tasty as hers.

1st Day of Chinese New Year
Visit the eldest Aunt and family who stay in Bukit Mertajam.
Followed by a visit to the second eldest Aunt and family in Butterworth. This year, there is a special addition to their family – her first grandson. So, he is Jordan’s second cousin.
Visit mother-in-law’s relatives – the second eldest brother and family.

2nd Day of Chinese New Year
Lunch at the 3rd Uncle and family at Kepala Batas which is about half an hour away.
Then, return home to prepare for the relatives’ visit at our home for dinner. This year, my mother-in-law cooked a special noodle. Quite yummy. I normally help out by serving the dessert and wash the dishes.

3rd Day of Chinese New Year
Off to Penang Island to visit the youngest Aunt and family. Lunch is served there. Every year, they served Indian food. This year the menu – roti jala, lamb kumar, curry chicken and ju hu char.
Visit mother-in-law’s relatives in Penang. We usually visit Ah Tua Yee and her family.

4th Day of Chinese New Year
Parents-in-law off to work and distribute ang pows to the workers.

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