Thursday, June 26, 2008

Relaxing Penang Trip

The Teoh family was in Penang from Friday night (20 June 2008) to Monday evening (23 June 2008). This trip is a big contrast to the last Penang trip during the Chinese New Year. The CNY trip was stressful.

Before we went back, I asked Seng Chor to call my mother-in-law to boil soup for me. She boiled pig intestine soup, and also cooked my favourite pork with vinegar. She knows that I enjoy barley and gingko dessert. So, she would cook for me each time I go back Penang. I also had bird’s nest. She actually took leave on Saturday and Monday to cook for us. I’m really thankful. She made rice dumpling (‘bak chang’) for breakfast on Saturday. Then, on Monday she cooked the vermicelli noodle soup with pork and egg just for me. Delicious. Jordan ate some too.

On Sunday, we had Dim Sum in Penang Island. I ordered all my favourite Dim Sum – siew mai, pork ribs and char siew pau. Seng Chor and his cousins took turns to carry Jordan because he didn’t want to sit down. I just sat and enjoyed my meal. After breakfast, we rested awhile at the aunt’s house before heading for durian feast at Teluk Kumbar. Yummy! Surprisingly, Jordan also loved it. I didn’t count how many I ate but I did try all the various flavours – from bitter to sweet.

We met with the aunt’s family again for seafood dinner. It is actually a belated Father’s Day celebration. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat the sumptuous dinner. They ordered fish, crab, clams and prawns. All I could manage were some fried noodles, bun, jelly and coconut. For dessert, I ate a rather big piece of cake baked by Ming Jen’s girlfriend (Adeline) – chocolate with almonds. Yummy!

It was relaxing trip for me because I didn’t have to baby sit Jordan much. Mum-in-law and Seng Chor bathed him. He played and watched TV on his own most of the time. But whenever his cousin Jeffrey was around, they would snatch each other toys. Actually, not just toys, they would fight for the bowl, spoon, fork and even shoes. However, Jeffrey didn’t hit Jordan this time. Jordan was fiercer. He even tried to push Jeffrey. It’s nightmare when the two toddlers were around. They just couldn’t stop snatching from each other. We had to make sure that there was no physical contact between them.

I enjoyed my time with Jordan. When Seng Chor and mum-in-law went out on Monday morning, I gladly stayed at home with Jordan. I could even chat on the msn, check email and Facebook. I also spent time watching the Hong Kong drama series – Forensics II. He would call me every now and then. I would normally reply him with, “Yes, darling.” It was a relaxing time with him. I didn’t have to scold or beat him.

It was almost 5 pm when we left Penang. We normally go back empty handed but always return with a car full of food stuff!

Praise the Lord!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seng Chor to Bali = Tough Weekend

Seng Chor was away in Bali for 5 days, 4 nights for his company trip. He left last Thursday (12 June 2008) and arrived home on Monday evening. We left Jordan with the babysitter on Wednesday and Thursday night. Then, sis and I picked him up on Friday night.

After picking him from the babysitter, we went to Secret Recipe at Centerpoint for dinner. Thankfully, Jordan sat down obediently on the high chair, eating raisins and arranging them on the table. I purposely bought a pack of raisins to keep him still. The other food that can keep him still is cornflakes.

On Saturday morning, he woke up around 8 am even though he slept after 11 pm the previous night. I was hoping that he would sleep longer – at least until 10 am. He didn’t sleep the whole afternoon. He didn’t eat much as well. I tried to get him to sleep around 4 pm but he didn’t want to.

At 6:30 pm, Yoke Kheng picked us up for dinner at Bakerzin, 1 Utama with Tracy. Jordan ate some fries before he decided to sleep. We asked him to sleep on the sofa but he refused. He sat on the high chair, rested his head on the table with his napkin and fell asleep almost immediately. The four ladies sitting next to us were amazed that he could sleep so easily. We had a peaceful dinner. I couldn’t eat much – just had pumpkin soup, a bit of salad and small pieces of chicken. Then, we walked over to Haagen Daaz for ice cream courtesy of Tracy. It was yummy! I had my favorite strawberry flavour ice cream. Jordan enjoyed it too. Yoke Kheng ordered Green Tea, and Tracy tried the new Mango Passion flavour which is quite nice. It tasted sour at the beginning but then it gets sweeter towards the end.

We arrived home around 10:30 pm. Like the previous night, it was not very difficult to get Jordan to sleep. Initially, he would sleep next to me but eventually he would roll over to his own bed.

He woke up around 8 am the next morning for church. Grace came to pick us up at 8:30 am. He behaved alright. Various people babysat for me. At the beginning, he was rather moody because he was still sleepy but after his milk he seemed energized. During the sermon, he spent the time playing with Reuel upstairs. Roy accompanied them.

After the worship service and lunch, I stayed back to attend the Facilitator’s Workshop for the Alpha course conducted brother Aaron Tham from PJEFC. During that time, Yoke Kheng and Kenny helped me to babysit Jordan.

He didn’t sleep at all the whole afternoon. He was actually really tired, and so he was grumpy and whining the whole evening. He didn’t eat much the whole day. He had a slight fever – 38.2 degrees. Finally, after much struggles with him, he fell asleep on the floor upstairs before 8:30 pm. That’s when I had my dinner – a bowl of soup and few spoons of claypot rice. I didn’t eat the chicken at all – no appetite. I was exhausted and frustrated. I cried.

I went to bed around 9 pm+. I carried him from the floor onto his bed. Unsurprisingly, he woke up around 1:30 am. He drank milk, energized again and didn’t want to sleep until almost 5 am. I even let him watch 2 VCDs. What can I do? He just woke up and he couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t force him to sleep. It may not be a good idea but I had to keep him occupied. I was really, really upset. I didn’t really scold him. He was still having a slight fever and complained that his mouth was painful. I just had to bear with him.

The next morning, I carried him to the car, and my sis and I dropped him at the babysitter.

That’s the end of my nightmare!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Inquisitive Minds

From the Moment a Child Learns to Talk, Parents will have to be Prepared to Answer lots of Questions

By Anna Tham

Have you ever had a child ceaselessly asking “why” or “how” to everything you tell him, or about anything that piqued his curiosity?

Parents of young ones who have started to talk can attest to the fact that they are indeed a curious bunch. And sometimes their questions border on the abstract and complex!

But what used to drive me up the wall (and sometimes still does) was my daughter adding questions to my answers, and the question-and-answer yo-yo could continue to great lengths, worthy of a mini series!

One morning, on the way to school, she got into one of her thoughtful moments and asked: “Mum, how did God make humans?”

I thought I had at least a year more to talk to her about that, or at least when she turns 35, before having to explain all about the birds and the bees!

As expected, a simple answer of “spiritual powers” was not sufficient. It was a test of my Biblical knowledge and ability to provide good answers while negotiating the morning traffic.

After several questions and answers on that topic, we approached the school gate. My mind was ready to say “goodbye, be good at school” when it was stalled by another question.

“How do sweets make you sick?” Thankfully, my reply somewhat satisfied her, and she got out with backpack and waved goodbye.

As a parent, I sometimes feel like I am back in school again, learning and re-learning lots of things – time and people management, negotiation, making a convincing sales pitch, training, motivation, psychology, health, nutrition, medicine, etc.

We could be specialists in certain areas but we still need to be jack-of-all-trades.

Handling children’s questions is certainly no easy task. How you approach and answer their questions contributes to their overall emotional and mental development and well-being.

We need to give some thought to the possible reasons why the child is asking the question or his/her motive for it, in order for our response to be meaningful. That way, we can provide the child with the appropriate knowledge and even to impart certain values.

We could turn it into an opportunity to learn together, to explore the Internet, books or encyclopedia in search of the answer, if the question relates to something factual.

What is important is that we are honest with our children, even in times when we do not know the answer.

Help them feel comfortable in knowing that you want to help them. Keep the answers simple, age-appropriate and make sure they understand.

Do not avoid answering their questions or attempt to brush them off. They would only feel discouraged or think that it is not right to be inquisitive.

In this aspect, I see the teacher’s role in the classroom as critical too, more so if the education system weighs so much on rote learning, conformity, and discipline.

We all want our children to grow up not only knowledgeable but also confident, able to think independently and speak up when necessary.

Bringing up children
Tuesday April 22, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008


How’s my appetite nowadays?

  • Poor, bad, unique, choosy, expensive taste

  • Prefer soupy stuff – noodle soup, steamed soup, pumpkin soup

  • Love fruits and green salad

  • Hate oily or fried stuff

  • Prefer not too sweet and not too salty

  • Sour stuff is definitely out

  • Prefer cold drinks (I used to take hot drink all the time – no ice)

  • Love strawberry ice cream

  • Not keen on junk food or even chocolates

  • Love California Roll and Miso soup

  • Love Beef noodle from Vietnam Kitchen

  • Love Swedish meatballs from Ikea

What could I eat for breakfast?

  • Nasi lemak – must be from Panadero Bakery at Centerpoint

  • Roti bakar (Toast bread with Kaya and butter)

  • Chee Cheong Fun only (without the extra stuffs)

  • Hot cakes from McDonald’s

I still can’t really eat much. I can’t eat the canteen food at all except the Maggi mee soup which is not really healthy. At times, I could only manage a bowl of soup and some salad. I feel that the baby is a girl. Girls are normally pickier with food. Hehehe!

So far, I have vomited twice – once in the morning (9 June) and the second one at night (13 June). I think the amount I vomited is much more than the 5 or 7 times vomiting when I had Jordan. I don’t remember feeling this bad with Jordan. I remember having difficulty eating the caterer’s food for dinner. I am still having problems with the catered food. But other than dinner time, I ate well when I had Jordan. After the first 3 months with Jordan, I felt normal. That’s probably why I put on a lot of weight that time.

I hardly touch the caterer’s food. So, every night, I had to think of what to eat. Occasionally, the food that I ate the previous night or day may not be edible to me the next day. On one weekend, Seng Chor had to eat 2 meals – mine and his. Even one look of the bowl of noodle soup made me want to vomit. Seng Chor would probably put on more weight during my second pregnancy. Anyway, he is also burning up more fats by taking care of Jordan.

Actually, I have been controlling myself every day and night. Otherwise, I would be vomiting day and night. Seriously! I hope that this is only for the first trimester. I feel hungry most of the time but I just don’t have the appetite to eat.

Ma, I want to drink soup!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lemon Cheese Cake by LC

Last Tuesday, 3 June 2008 (Seng Chor’s birthday), I was on MSN with one of my Year 1 students. He offered his freshly baked Lemon Cheese Cake through his MSN display message. I took up the offer immediately, and asked him for the cheese cake. Hehehe! Thankfully, he checked and there was just one single piece left in the fridge. He delivered it right to my office in the afternoon for my tea time. How nice! I’m touched.

I promised my student that I will give him my feedback on his Lemon Cheese Cake in my blog. So, here it is:

  • The lemon taste is just right for me – not too sour

  • The texture is fine

  • I prefer slightly more base

  • I think the 'cheeseziness' can be increased as well
        Overall, I would rate it 8 out of 10.

        Hopefully, he is happy with my comments. I still want to eat more cheese cake. :)

      God’s Love, Our Passion

      That was the theme for our church camp this year.

      The venue – Harvest Haven
      It’s awesome – truly beautiful. It’s like a big bungalow. There is a swimming pool and basketball court. It is surrounded by Oil Palm trees. We were like one big family staying under one roof. I love the place because everything was nearby. This is the first time I didn’t have to carry Jordan’s backpack wherever I go.

      Harvest Haven is situated in Gopeng, about 45 minutes from Ipoh. As you go through the estate, you’ll have to ‘brave’ through cow dung on the road. On the first day, we took the wrong road because we turned to the left earlier. Actually, Harvest Haven is just in front, less than 5 minutes away. But because of the wrong turning, it took us about 10 minutes and the road was filled with cow dung! It was a terrible journey. The correct and shorter path has less cow dung.

      We invited Pastor Aow and his wife, Sister Mei from Singapore as the camp speakers. This was the first camp that I could sit through and listen attentively to all the messages. Thank God. I enjoyed all the messages. They spoke on 5 Ps – Passion, Purity, Purpose, People and Power.

      In her message, Sister Mei used the word F.I.R.E to explain Passion.

      F = Focus
      I = Impact
      R = Real
      E = Energy

      Then, when she spoke on Purpose, she used the word G.O.A.L.S to illustrate our purpose.

      G = Grow
      O = Obey
      A = Abide
      L = Live
      S = Serve

      I love their style – simple, straightforward and yet challenging. For every point they raised, they would share a testimony. They shared their lives with us. It brings more meaning and practicality to the message.

      I thank God that I experienced healing during the camp. Before the prayer for healing, I had difficulty sleeping after my toilet break(s) at night. After the prayer on Saturday, I had a good sleep that night. I am still sleeping well until today. The other thing that I asked for is to have a good appetite. It’s still pretty bad. I will blog about this separately. The word that I received during the camp is “inner joy”. I believed that God wants to restore inner joy in me as I serve Him and also as a mother.

      There are 3 things in this camp that I find different from previous camps:
      i) 4 messages instead of 5
      ii) No fun night but just games. So, no showing off of acting skills.
      iii) No sharing by all the campers on the last day. Instead, we had a quiz and a summary by Elder Chris.

      Yes, I can say that I was blessed during the camp.

      (I will post the speakers’ slides in my Growth Group blog – Beit Parach soon.)

      Scenes from Harvest Haven

      Friday, June 06, 2008

      Stranger Danger

      It’s Imperative for Children to Understand the Difference Between Friend and Foe
      By Rachel Goodchild

      Trying to make sure their children understand the dangers of a stranger can be one of those times where parents send out mixed messages to their children.

      On one hand, they are told not to speak to strangers or accept anything from them. On the other hand, they are suddenly told to go and give a stranger a kiss and stop being shy.

      The latter case might be a family member, but to the child, he /she is a stranger the child has never met before. So what difference is this person to the stranger in the street?

      To adults, there is no such confusion, but children are left wondering who they can trust and who they should avoid.

      Also, the definition of a stranger has changed over the years, and many will not be seen as strangers in the eyes of a child. Let’s look at a situation that might happen.

      A person comes to your children’s school; it is assumed he/she is a parent of one of the children. The person might speak to the other adults and gain their confidence, but never quite saying which child is his/hers.

      Slowly, the person speaks to your children while you are around: it might be a simple hello but because your children have been taught to speak to people you know, they now think this stranger is someone they can talk to.

      One day, the person pulls out an iPhone or other new gadget that has your children looking with eyes popping out of their heads. They’re allowed to play with it, something they can’t do at home.

      Suddenly, he pounces – come and see what I have in the car, you can play with this all you like – and too late, the true identity of the stranger is seen.

      Children need to know what you mean by a stranger. They need to have clear boundaries so they know who they can trust.

      What happens when your car breaks down and you can’t collect them from school? Someone offers to go on your behalf and you know they will be safe, but do they know? Are they going to get in this person’s car because the person says you sent him/her? What happens the next time when someone else who you didn’t send says the same thing?

      Or what if a stranger at the school gate tries to buy them an ice cream on a very hot day? The person says their friend is his/her son.

      Now do you see how you need to set boundaries and make sure your children don’t cross over them.

      What happens if the person pretends to work for the police? He/she might even flash an ID card, but how many adults know what an ID card looks like, let alone a child?

      Children need to know who to trust, and they need to know what to do if someone wants them to believe in them blindly.

      They need to know what to do if everybody is looking at the latest iPhone, and even if they want to have a go, be prepared to walk away if that keeps them safe.

      They need to know what might happen without making them paranoid and frightened.

      Define the boundaries, and then keep to them yourself. Help your child develop that sense of safety, and be vigilant at all times.

      The art of parenting
      Tuesday, April 15, 2008
      Page 25

      Thursday, June 05, 2008

      Teoh Look-alike Meter

      MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

      Hubby and I on his Birthday

      Tuesday, 3 June 2008

      My Piggy Bank

      My Piggy Bank after I bought petrol this morning...

      (Forwarded Email)

      Infant Pampering

      Everyone enjoys a good massage, even babies.
      By Rachel Goodchild

      If we, as adults, find massages relaxing and beneficial, then we should also be looking at the benefits of giving a baby a massage.

      When you massage a baby, you will find it is a two-way exercise; you the parent and the baby both enjoying the time together.

      If for any reason either of you are not enjoying it, then you should consider whether you are performing it correctly or if it is time to stop.

      While massaging your baby, this is a time when you get to know each other. Your baby will feel the love you are giving him/her, and in the process, feel safe and relaxed with you.

      It is a way you can use to communicate with your child, to let the baby knows how loved and safe he/she is.

      Massage in babies, as well as adults, will cause different parts of the body to react. It can help improve both the body’s blood circulation and immune system.

      Once you have decided that your baby will enjoy a massage, you need to then decide when the best time to do is.

      Normally, wait at least 20 minutes after a feed, and not too close to bed time. Try never to give a massage when your baby is upset, as that can make him/her feel worse.

      Again, your baby is unique but it might be best for both of you to do it after you have given baby a bath.

      The child is already undressed and the pores will be open from the heat of the water, allowing the oil to be absorbed by the skin.

      Always ensure the room is warm and there are no draughts around. And make sure your hands are warm. This is something fundamental that many may forget. There is nothing worse than cold hands going on a warm body.

      Try and make sure you are not likely to be disturbed. Have some quiet music in the background, and remove all your jewellery because you don’t want anything that might hurt the baby.

      Don’t forget the towels; you are going to be using oils, and they could stain the surface of where you lay your baby.

      When you look for suitable oils, make sure they can be used on babies. Baby oil is perfect, but there are some designed for baby massages.

      If you have never given a massage before, check out some books on the subject and look at pictures to see what you should be doing.

      But most would advise starting with the baby’s feet and working upwards on to the body.

      Always massage slowly and gently. Don’t put a lot of pressure as you don’t want to injure the child in any way. After all, you want this to be a pleasant experience for both of you.

      As you get to know your baby and how much she/he enjoys having a massage, you can then determine how often you need to repeat the process.

      The art of parenting
      Tuesday, March 25, 2008
      Page 19

      Papaya Juice - Cure for Dengue

      My Mum has just sent me an email with testimonies on how Papaya Juice can help to ease the sufferings of dengue patients. It is amazing but true.

      The recipe

      1. Raw Papaya Leaves

      1. Clean 2 pieces of raw papaya leaves.

      2. Pound and squeeze the juice out with a filter cloth.

      You will only get one tablespoon per leaf. So, take two tablespoons per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will lose its strength. Use only the leafy part and no stem or sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like Wong Low Kat.

      Within few days, the platelet count of the dengue patient will start to increase, and the fever will subside.

      It seems that the papaya juice is also good when one is having sore throat.

      Blend them and squeeze the juice! It's simple and miraculously effective!!

      Wednesday, June 04, 2008

      Google Search on Memoirs of Dr Cabokia

      Feeling bored, I did a Google search on my blog title. I was pretty surprised with my search results. Other than links on friend’s blog, I found my blog being mentioned/referenced in the following web sites:

      I have been going through my Live Traffic Feed, and I discovered something interesting. The two most popular blog posts are:

      1. My tooth is dying

      2. Simplest Recipe for ORAL REHYDRATION SOLUTION

      The above posts were read almost every week.

      The second blog post was from my Mum, which she extracted from Time Magazine. It’s really popular indeed – Thanks, Ma.

      Actually, I was supposed to write about the resurrection of my tooth after my post on the song, “All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” I just haven’t got the inspiration to write it yet…so many other current interesting things to blog. I was also very busy with my work then. I must write about my teeth one of these days.

      Last month, I registered myself with HitsLink – providing Website statistics, web analytics, hit counter. From 9 May to 31 May 2008, these are the statistics for my blog:

      • 563 Page Views

      • 393 Daily Unique Visitors

      • 271 Monthly Unique Visitors

      The weekly statistic showed that there are more than 100 unique visitors a week. The highest so far is 137.

      I believed that my results are nothing significant as compared to other blogs. For me, it is interesting to find out – nothing much to be proud of. I feel happy with the statistics, and excited that my blog posts can reach the whole world. Yes, I do hope to bless people from all nations.

      Glory to God!

      Tuesday, June 03, 2008

      Blessed 36th Birthday to Seng Chor

      Seng Chor, my beloved hubby was born in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, exactly 36 years ago. When he was about 2 to 3 months old, his parents came down to stay and work in Petaling Jaya (PJ). In 1980, his parents decided to move back to Penang to work in the Butterworth Paper Cup factory. They are still working there until today. However, Seng Chor didn’t follow them back. He stayed on in PJ. Initially, he stayed with his Aunties. When he was about 1 or 2 years old, he was placed at his babysitter’s home who eventually became his god mother (Kai Ma). He stayed with his Kai-Ma until we got married in 2000.

      His Kai-Ma is a babysitter. In her younger days, she took care of more than 10 children including her own. Now, she is taking care of Jordan. Seng Chor helped her to baby sit when he was only about 6 to 7 years old. So, my hubby has more than 20 years of babysitting experience. He can teach you how to fold a nappy, change, feed and bathe the baby. He was the one who taught me all the basic babysitting skills – change diaper, feed and bathe. I remember the church celebrating Father’s Day many years, and in one of the games, the men had to show their skills in folding nappies. I think Seng Chor was one of the few men who could fold a nappy properly. I was proud of him. Hehehe!

      In the first year of motherhood, I was kind of lost whenever he was not around. It was a difficult time for me. I was probably relying on him too much. I often got scolding from him for not doing things right. How sad. Things were better after the first year. Seng Chor somehow began to play a lesser role. He still does the basic stuffs – changes, feeds and bathes Jordan but other than that he hardly spends time with him. Lately, he is spending more time with him. He is the one who takes Jordan to bed every night – change him, get him to drink his milk, play with him and brush his teeth. I still hope that he will teach Jordan more rather than just doing the basic child care. Well, I can’t expect too much from him. As a father, he is doing well, and he will do his best for the family.

      As a husband, he is considered loving but he can still do much better than that. Hehehe! He always takes the initiative to plan for my birthday and also our wedding anniversary. Before we got married, I would consider him a romantic person. Unfortunately, the romantic-ness is slowly disappearing. Hahaha! There were occasion surprises. Well, again, my expectations may be too high. Overall, he is a fun and loving guy.

      Today, as Seng Chor celebrates his 36th birthday, I believed that God has this promise for him from Jeremiah 33:3

      'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'

      May God grant him inner joy as he prepares himself for our second child. May he continue to be bold and rely on God’s strength at all times.

      Chinese + English = Chinglish

      Ah Lek was asked to make a sentence using *1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. * Not only did he do it *1** *to *10*, he did it again from *10 *back to* 1.
      *This is what he came up with..... *

      **1* day I go *2 *climb a *3* outside a house to peep. But the couple saw me, so I panic and *4* down. The man rushed out and wanted to *5* with me. I ran until I fell *6* and threw up. So I go into *7*-eleven and grabbed some *8* to throw at him. Then I took a *9* and try to stab at him. *10* God he run away. *

      10* I put the *9* back and pay for the *8* and left *7*-eleven. Next day I called my boss and told him I was *6*. He said *5 *, tomorrow also no need to come back *4* work. He also asked me to go climb a *3* and jump down. I don't understand.

      I am so nice *2* him but I don't know what he *1*. __.

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------

      Monday, June 02, 2008

      Second Checkup – Heartbeat detected!

      Thursday, 29 May 2008

      It was a rather quick checkup. The appointment was at 9:30 am. We arrived before that. There was a lady with her husband waiting there already. The gynecologist was in the ward. I think we waited until 10 am.

      Before meeting the gynecologist, my weight was checked. I lost a little bit of weight! I felt happy actually. I hope not to gain too much weight. I gained about 20 kg when I had Jordan. Amazing, eh? I really can’t remember how I gained so much weight. I don’t remember eating that much. Hahaha!

      When it was my turn, we (Seng Chor, Jordan and I) all went in. I think this is the first or second time the gynecologist saw Jordan after delivering him 2 and half years ago. The gynecologist asked whether Jordan is a good boy or not. We replied okay. We didn’t really chat as much as the last visit. I told him that I will be going to Ipoh for church camp. He asked me to take care.

      During the procedure, we showed Jordan the baby through the ultrasound. We saw and heard the tiny heartbeat. Praise the Lord! It was soft. My mum reckoned that it is a girl. Hehehe! I am hoping for a baby girl this time.

      The consultation and procedure took less than 15 minutes. I don’t need to take anymore Duphaston, just continue with the Folic Acid. My next checkup is 3 weeks later – 21 June. I can’t wait to see the baby’s features. We should be able to see the baby’s main features by then – head, hands and legs.

      We arrived home around 10:30 am, and prepared to leave for our family church camp at Gopeng.