Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Google Search on Memoirs of Dr Cabokia

Feeling bored, I did a Google search on my blog title. I was pretty surprised with my search results. Other than links on friend’s blog, I found my blog being mentioned/referenced in the following web sites:

I have been going through my Live Traffic Feed, and I discovered something interesting. The two most popular blog posts are:

  1. My tooth is dying

  2. Simplest Recipe for ORAL REHYDRATION SOLUTION

The above posts were read almost every week.

The second blog post was from my Mum, which she extracted from Time Magazine. It’s really popular indeed – Thanks, Ma.

Actually, I was supposed to write about the resurrection of my tooth after my post on the song, “All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” I just haven’t got the inspiration to write it yet…so many other current interesting things to blog. I was also very busy with my work then. I must write about my teeth one of these days.

Last month, I registered myself with HitsLink – providing Website statistics, web analytics, hit counter. From 9 May to 31 May 2008, these are the statistics for my blog:

  • 563 Page Views

  • 393 Daily Unique Visitors

  • 271 Monthly Unique Visitors

The weekly statistic showed that there are more than 100 unique visitors a week. The highest so far is 137.

I believed that my results are nothing significant as compared to other blogs. For me, it is interesting to find out – nothing much to be proud of. I feel happy with the statistics, and excited that my blog posts can reach the whole world. Yes, I do hope to bless people from all nations.

Glory to God!

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