Thursday, June 26, 2008

Relaxing Penang Trip

The Teoh family was in Penang from Friday night (20 June 2008) to Monday evening (23 June 2008). This trip is a big contrast to the last Penang trip during the Chinese New Year. The CNY trip was stressful.

Before we went back, I asked Seng Chor to call my mother-in-law to boil soup for me. She boiled pig intestine soup, and also cooked my favourite pork with vinegar. She knows that I enjoy barley and gingko dessert. So, she would cook for me each time I go back Penang. I also had bird’s nest. She actually took leave on Saturday and Monday to cook for us. I’m really thankful. She made rice dumpling (‘bak chang’) for breakfast on Saturday. Then, on Monday she cooked the vermicelli noodle soup with pork and egg just for me. Delicious. Jordan ate some too.

On Sunday, we had Dim Sum in Penang Island. I ordered all my favourite Dim Sum – siew mai, pork ribs and char siew pau. Seng Chor and his cousins took turns to carry Jordan because he didn’t want to sit down. I just sat and enjoyed my meal. After breakfast, we rested awhile at the aunt’s house before heading for durian feast at Teluk Kumbar. Yummy! Surprisingly, Jordan also loved it. I didn’t count how many I ate but I did try all the various flavours – from bitter to sweet.

We met with the aunt’s family again for seafood dinner. It is actually a belated Father’s Day celebration. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat the sumptuous dinner. They ordered fish, crab, clams and prawns. All I could manage were some fried noodles, bun, jelly and coconut. For dessert, I ate a rather big piece of cake baked by Ming Jen’s girlfriend (Adeline) – chocolate with almonds. Yummy!

It was relaxing trip for me because I didn’t have to baby sit Jordan much. Mum-in-law and Seng Chor bathed him. He played and watched TV on his own most of the time. But whenever his cousin Jeffrey was around, they would snatch each other toys. Actually, not just toys, they would fight for the bowl, spoon, fork and even shoes. However, Jeffrey didn’t hit Jordan this time. Jordan was fiercer. He even tried to push Jeffrey. It’s nightmare when the two toddlers were around. They just couldn’t stop snatching from each other. We had to make sure that there was no physical contact between them.

I enjoyed my time with Jordan. When Seng Chor and mum-in-law went out on Monday morning, I gladly stayed at home with Jordan. I could even chat on the msn, check email and Facebook. I also spent time watching the Hong Kong drama series – Forensics II. He would call me every now and then. I would normally reply him with, “Yes, darling.” It was a relaxing time with him. I didn’t have to scold or beat him.

It was almost 5 pm when we left Penang. We normally go back empty handed but always return with a car full of food stuff!

Praise the Lord!

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