Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seng Chor to Bali = Tough Weekend

Seng Chor was away in Bali for 5 days, 4 nights for his company trip. He left last Thursday (12 June 2008) and arrived home on Monday evening. We left Jordan with the babysitter on Wednesday and Thursday night. Then, sis and I picked him up on Friday night.

After picking him from the babysitter, we went to Secret Recipe at Centerpoint for dinner. Thankfully, Jordan sat down obediently on the high chair, eating raisins and arranging them on the table. I purposely bought a pack of raisins to keep him still. The other food that can keep him still is cornflakes.

On Saturday morning, he woke up around 8 am even though he slept after 11 pm the previous night. I was hoping that he would sleep longer – at least until 10 am. He didn’t sleep the whole afternoon. He didn’t eat much as well. I tried to get him to sleep around 4 pm but he didn’t want to.

At 6:30 pm, Yoke Kheng picked us up for dinner at Bakerzin, 1 Utama with Tracy. Jordan ate some fries before he decided to sleep. We asked him to sleep on the sofa but he refused. He sat on the high chair, rested his head on the table with his napkin and fell asleep almost immediately. The four ladies sitting next to us were amazed that he could sleep so easily. We had a peaceful dinner. I couldn’t eat much – just had pumpkin soup, a bit of salad and small pieces of chicken. Then, we walked over to Haagen Daaz for ice cream courtesy of Tracy. It was yummy! I had my favorite strawberry flavour ice cream. Jordan enjoyed it too. Yoke Kheng ordered Green Tea, and Tracy tried the new Mango Passion flavour which is quite nice. It tasted sour at the beginning but then it gets sweeter towards the end.

We arrived home around 10:30 pm. Like the previous night, it was not very difficult to get Jordan to sleep. Initially, he would sleep next to me but eventually he would roll over to his own bed.

He woke up around 8 am the next morning for church. Grace came to pick us up at 8:30 am. He behaved alright. Various people babysat for me. At the beginning, he was rather moody because he was still sleepy but after his milk he seemed energized. During the sermon, he spent the time playing with Reuel upstairs. Roy accompanied them.

After the worship service and lunch, I stayed back to attend the Facilitator’s Workshop for the Alpha course conducted brother Aaron Tham from PJEFC. During that time, Yoke Kheng and Kenny helped me to babysit Jordan.

He didn’t sleep at all the whole afternoon. He was actually really tired, and so he was grumpy and whining the whole evening. He didn’t eat much the whole day. He had a slight fever – 38.2 degrees. Finally, after much struggles with him, he fell asleep on the floor upstairs before 8:30 pm. That’s when I had my dinner – a bowl of soup and few spoons of claypot rice. I didn’t eat the chicken at all – no appetite. I was exhausted and frustrated. I cried.

I went to bed around 9 pm+. I carried him from the floor onto his bed. Unsurprisingly, he woke up around 1:30 am. He drank milk, energized again and didn’t want to sleep until almost 5 am. I even let him watch 2 VCDs. What can I do? He just woke up and he couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t force him to sleep. It may not be a good idea but I had to keep him occupied. I was really, really upset. I didn’t really scold him. He was still having a slight fever and complained that his mouth was painful. I just had to bear with him.

The next morning, I carried him to the car, and my sis and I dropped him at the babysitter.

That’s the end of my nightmare!

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