Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Handsome Baby WALKED towards Mummy!

Yup, you got it right. My baby walked about 2 feet towards me last night. He took about 5 – 6 steps. He was actually going after the red mobile phone (Sagem) that I was holding. He saw the phone. Then, he suddenly got up, walked towards me and took the phone from my hand. I was so thrilled. Seng Chor was there to witness it too. Actually, I got a shock. It was funny as well – His hands were up and he was walking like a robot – wobbling as he took each step. I think he did it unconsciously. After that, Seng Chor tried to make him walk towards him using the phone, but he didn’t want. Ha! Ha! Ha! He crawled towards him instead.

Jordan is now 13 and a half months – 1 year plus 1 and a half months. For the past 2 weeks, he had more desire to stand unsupported and also cruised around holding the sofa. It’s a joy to see him doing that each time. He is now more prepared to walk. Does it mean more headaches and chasing around for us? Will see…

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Transition and Adjustments

Almost every month, we need to adjust to Jordan’s different stages of growth – teething, increase of food intake. We want to help him to sleep through the night without waking up in the middle for milk. At night, we have tried to give him 9 scoops of milk with 8 oz of water. This worked for quite sometime. About a month ago, we changed it to 9 scoops with 9 oz of water. This was not really effective. He woke up 4 or 5 am crying because he was hungry. We have also tried to give him 10 oz but also not enough for him. Last night, we gave him 9 scoops with about 2 scoops of cereal added as well, into 9 oz of water. It was Seng Chor’s idea. It worked! However, he did wake up at about 3 am. Not for milk but to sleep with us. So, I carried him onto our bed to sleep. He slept until almost 7 am. Phew!

Today is the last day of my medication. No more sore throat. Still got cough – but mainly at night. There is a Chinese saying that goes like this – “Cough normally lasts for 100 days”, which I think it’s quite true from past experience. I wonder why.

So far, my classes are alright. Still hoping for more responses from the students. Preparation is on going for my Soft Computing lectures which will commence next Thursday - 1 February 2007. I need to do more reading for this module. It's going to be challenging.

Looking forward to my January pay day next week. :)

Monday, January 22, 2007


Cold is better than hot. Milo always tastes better from the Milo truck. Nescafe always tastes better from the Nescafe truck as well. Sample food and drinks always seem to taste better at the supermarket/hypermarket. Free food always tastes better. :p. It’s always better to stay at home.

I feel better today. :) I’m still under medication. Taking the antibiotics for 5 days. Got a new cough mixture as well. My throat was inflamed. Now, the pain is slowly going away. According to the doctor, my throat got infected by a different bacterium before the first infection was completely healed. That’s why the medication was not effective. Furthermore, due to my classes, I was not able to rest my voice.

More importantly, Jordan is also sleeping better. He still wants to sleep on our bed. But for the last 2 nights, we let him complained for awhile in his cot until he was too tired and slept on his own. We didn’t need to use ear plugs. We were too tired ourselves to entertain him.

Things are looking better for the Teohs.

Thanks to all the prayers!

Friday, January 19, 2007

I missed him

Yeah, he was away on Wednesday, and I missed him. When he was not around, I felt something missing. However, with his presence, there is no rest. I was thrilled to hold him in my arms again yesterday. I think probably no one would guess that I was referring to Seng Chor. Hahaha!

Anyway, the movie – “Night at the Museum” was worth watching. Strongly recommended if you need a break. I actually felt energized after the movie. It was funny. It was refreshing. It was awesome. I was coughing and laughing throughout the movie. I slept better that night.

After one week, I’m still sick – same symptoms – flu, cough (got worse) and sore throat. I will be seeing the doctor again – third time in less than 2 weeks. I really, really need to get better soon as there will be more classes in the coming weeks. :(

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Truth is Revealed?

Poor Jordan! We haven’t been feeding him enough. That’s probably why he has been getting up at 4 or 5 am in the morning. On Monday, we found out from the babysitter that his usual feed is 10 scoops of milk powder, which means, he takes up to 10 oz of milk! And we are only giving him 8 oz during the day and 9 oz at night. The truth is revealed! The parents are to be blamed. Baby Jordan is innocent. Is this the truth? Unfortunately, it’s not. On Monday night, we gave him 10 oz. He woke up suddenly at around 2:30 pm, and cried for attention. So, I carried him from his cot to sleep with us. He slept until around 6:30 am yesterday morning.

This morning was worse. He woke up at 3 am! Drank 4 oz of water and refused to sleep. He cried out loudly at about 3:40 am. We thought that he was hungry. So, I made 9 oz of milk for him, but he finished only 5 oz. Still didn’t want to sleep. He just moved non-stop on our bed. Seng Chor and I had to watch out for him. We think that he’s going to fall off the bed one of these days. He knows how to climb down the bed, but he could have lost his balance and fall. He got scolded and smacked by Seng Chor a few times this morning. Poor fellow! Poor us! He was actually tired but just didn’t want to lie down still and sleep. When Seng Chor carried him to car, he slept straightaway. He was still sleeping when Seng Chor left the babysitter’s place this morning.

What is going to happen tonight? Ahem…Seng Chor and I decided to go for a movie and leave him at the babysitter overnight. Hopefully, he will be ok there and sleep well the whole night. The movie – Night at the Museum, at Cineleisure @ The Curve. It will be our first time watching movie there. We are actually going there with Kenny, Yoke Kheng, my brother and his friend. Hope to get a rest tonight. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Busier Days Ahead

It’s time to teach C++ programming again to the Year 1 students. It’s going to be tough and challenging. Students always seem to struggle in this area. Only a handful can grasp the concept of object-oriented programming. Most will be blur even until the end of the course! Seriously. It’s not easy to motivate students to learn programming – almost an impossible task. I hope that these students will put on their thinking cap more and show positive attitude in the learning. I will try to use different teaching methods to guide them. I have even planned an ice breaker for the first lesson, which starts on Wednesday. There will be a laboratory session on Friday.

Other than that, I will be lecturing the Soft Computing module to the Year 3 students. It’s another tough module as well. It covers topics like Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms. Hmm…I don’t wish to do any explanation here. To know more, perhaps you can check out the wikipedia.com. :p
Here are the links:
More administration work is expected as this is the last half of the academic year which ends in June. There will be preparation of results, module reports, minutes of meeting, etc. Oh, I’m also supervising 5 final year projects:

i) Children Painting and Learning Tool
ii) Steganography for Data Transfer
iii) Multimedia Intelligent Tutoring System Authoring Tool
iv) C++ Code Generation Tool using JSP
v) 3-D Sign Language Teaching and Learning Tool

I find the second Project Title on Steganography interesting and it was actually proposed by the student himself. “Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message; this is in contrast to cryptography, where the existence of the message itself is not disguised, but the content is obscured.” (wikipedia.com). The message can be hidden in an image (Gif, Jpeg, etc), audio (mp3) or even video. The student will attempt to hide the message in an audio file, which is pretty challenging.

All of them need to propose a novel idea in the design and development of the tool. They also need to write a dissertation for the research and development work. Most of the time, I need to do a lot proof-reading for them. I just hope that they will be able to complete the project on time with a reasonable prototype and a good documentation.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Terrible weekend

I had a terrible weekend. I was on medical leave last Wednesday because of a bad throat infection. I completed the course of antibiotics on Saturday but the throat was still very sore. More coughing and slight flu as well. Seng Chor was away at Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya for his company planning meeting cum outing the whole of Saturday. So, I was alone with Jordan again. He was ok but still needed lots of attention. Thankfully, he took a nap for more than 3 hours, from almost 4 pm to 7:25 pm. I managed to sleep for about one hour plus too. He could have slept longer but I had to wake him up for dinner. We had made arrangement to have dinner with Pei Lu to celebrate her birthday. Yoke Kheng arrived around 7:20 pm to pick us up. Sahaya, Tracy and Michele joined us as well.

After church on Sunday, Seng Chor took me to see the doctor – 2 doctors within a week! (Uncle Wing Cheong babysat Jordan for us. Cool, eh?) No need for more antibiotics. Just more flu, cough medicine, lozenges and pain killer. My throat is still very sore. I was looking forward to go to the Bukit Beruntung Chapel Sunday School but I was too tired. They had a birthday celebration, followed by the Kids Games evaluation meeting at Pastor Carmen’s house. Heard that they had lamb stew. What a miss!

I didn’t really rest well. Had a short nap. Too many thoughts running through my mind – household chores, Jordan, probably should have gone BBC SS, etc. Jordan was crying downstairs. Thought that he was sleepy. So, asked Seng Chor to take him upstairs. He didn’t want to sleep. Just crawling and rolling on the bed. Moreover, it was raining heavily. After awhile, I took Jordan downstairs and I tried to sleep again. But just couldn’t. Finally, I got up and asked Seng Chor to buy dinner. We were supposed to have dinner at Nando’s with the Chans, the Lais and Uncle Chris but I was not really up to it. I had second thoughts though. I felt like getting out of the house. Had to pull myself together. So, I start to prepare Jordan’s meal and fed him. He was a bit restless after that. Guessed he was sleepy. He slept before 9 pm. Seng Chor and I also slept early – around 9:30 pm.

Jordan got up around 3:45 am this morning for his milk – 9 oz. Seng Chor fed him and put him into his cot to sleep. He was ok for about half an hour. Then, he got up and cried for attention. So, we placed him in between us to sleep. As usual, he was crawling everywhere on the bed – up and down. We had to watch out for him and make sure he doesn’t fall off the bed. Not sure when he finally felt asleep. Later, I found him sleeping at the bottom of Seng Chor’s feet. Thank goodness that both Seng Chor and I are not bad sleeper. Otherwise, we would have kicked him off the bed! He was still sleeping when Seng Chor carried him to the car.

It’s been like that with Jordan for the past 2 weeks or so. Waking up at 4 or 5 am. Crawling and rolling on our bed until he knocks out. When is this ‘nightmare’ going to end? I hope to get well soon. It’s bad enough when you don’t get enough good sleep. But it’s even worse when you are sick too. Seng Chor and I really need a break.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reflection and Goals

This is the second week of 2007. It’s no longer a new year. Some people may feel that they are still in 2006. I am probably one of them. I am not living in the past, just can’t believed that it’s the end of 2006. So many things have happened – both sweet and bitter.

Sweet memories…
  • Successful viva for my PhD

  • Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with Seng Chor

  • Trip to Tioman Island

  • PhD convocation

  • Special bonus and increment for PhD

  • Featured in the Express Women's Day Special of the Daily Express

  • Photo shooting for Her World magazine

  • 1st Birthday celebration with Jordan

  • Celebrating 6th wedding anniversary – first time with Jordan

  • 1st Birthday celebration for Jordan, at McDonald’s

Bitter memories…
  • Taking care of Jordan when he had fever. I fell sick too.

  • Losing my sister's car right in front of our house.

  • Watching my beloved Spiritual Mentor as she battled with cancer, and her eventual passing away.

What goals do I have for 2007? I normally don’t set any goal. I am not that type that set goals or resolutions every year, and reflect on them. Perhaps this year could be different. Perhaps I do have some goals that I want to achieve or try to achieve. Perhaps these are the goals…perhaps…

Read more books on spiritual growth.
Be more discipline in my daily devotion – prayer and reading the Bible.
Encourage more people.
Disciple at least one person.
Be a better wife.
Be a better mother.

Hmm…are these goals appropriate? Are goals supposed to be measurable? It’s really not easy to set goals. Ok, I admit that I’m bad at setting goals. My life is not aimless without these goals. I desire something simple. Ultimately, all I want to do is to glorify God. Amen!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jordan – Month 12

My little one tries to lift all kinds of objects without judging their size, or his relative strength. He loves listening to rhythmical sounds, so I try dancing with him and moving to the beat. He mimics the actions of those around him and engages in “grown up” play by copying me and any other adults. He is fascinated with boxes and jars and loves to empty objects and then put them back. I should give him special boxes for favorite items and introduce him to the concept of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ and ‘empty’ and ‘full’.

Gross motor skills
He dislikes being restrained and will want to move about freely, using his new confidence and mobility. He stands on his own for very short periods without support and leans forward to pick up objects while holding on with his other hand. He dances to music and climbs up low steps or ledges. He will try to lift heavier items, some which are still much too big for him.

Fine Motor Skills
He tries to manipulate any button, switch, and handle or dial that he finds, and picks up small items using his thumb and index finger. He can place small objects into a container and retrieve them, and continues to improve his accuracy when using a shape sorter. He grasps several objects in one hand with ease. He is learning how to build small towers using blocks.

He tries to sing and will listen when I sing to him or read nursery rhymes and jingles. He attempts new words to add to his vocabulary.

He loves people watching him and praising his actions. He demands personal attention whenever he sees me. He does not fear strangers and adjusts well when being left alone with familiar people. He is able to recognize that people have different personalities and preferences, including what they like and dislike, and is realizing that I am separate to him and have my own adult activities.

His brain is developing and he is moving from mimicking to inventing new actions that he has not seen before. He uses trial-and-error to solve problems and willinvestigate objects in thorough detail, emptying containers, rubbish bins, handbags, drawers and shelves to find new objects and see the cause and effect of his actions. He is beginning to understand “up” and “down” and the concept of gravity. He needs less sleep and fights tiredness. His memory is developing and he can recall events that happened several hours or a day earlier.

What Jordan enjoys
Jordan enjoys discovering new things that enable him to coordinate his actions, such as catching a ball, and dancing to music. He loves being independent so I should encourage him to ask for what he wants and to help me to feed and dress him.

How can I help him

  • Get him to catch a ball and throw it back to me.

  • If there are other children, get them play with him and encourage him to share his toys.

  • Place lots of different objects in a small box and get him to remove each object one by one and then return them to the box.

  • Encourage him to communicate with me when he wants something and then I can repeat what he has told me.

  • Play music and sing and dance together.

  • Introduce new commands and actions and repeat them to him often. (i.e. Give mummy the ball, lift your leg, arms up, etc).

  • When he is playing on his own or with people, make sure he can still see me.

  • Take him outside and introduce him to new environments and people.

(Adapted from youngnutrition.net)

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    The God of All Comfort

    2 Corinthians 1:1-11

    1. God is our Lord and our Father
    2. He comforts us in all our troubles
    3. He comforts us so that we can comfort others
    4. Indeed there are times when He allows us to go through very difficult situations
    5. He does this so that we learn to rely on Him and not on ourselves
    6. But God does deliver us in the end
    7. That’s why we commit ourselves to pray for those in need
    8. Our ultimate goal is the glory of God

    (By Dr Tan Soo-Inn - Sunday Sermon at Antioch Centre, Bandar Utama Chapel, 7 January 2007)

    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Featured in Her World – Jan 2007

    Guess what, I did a photo shoot for Her World magazine last October 2006. The shooting was for the Christmas/New Year wish – “When I wish upon a star…” It was supposed to be for the December 2006 issue. Ok, how/why did they contact me? The person in-charge of the photo shoot and the article is the sister of one of my ex-students. She had to feature a lecturer, so she called me.

    The shooting was not easy. I went to the studio in the afternoon at Mutiara Damansara. The make-up artist and hairstylist (same person - a girl) was waiting for me. She put on my make-up first. Because I got only single eye-lid, the eye-liner has to be thicker. Otherwise, one cannot see the make-up during the photo shoot. She gave me pink rouge. After that, she curled my hair in layers. Next, I got to put on this sexy black dress. Then, the photo shoot began. Oh boy! I think I had about 20 shots or more. I had to pretend that I was blowing these little stars off my hand. First, I tried with one hand – left/right, then both hands, then one hand at the back. Lift my eyes and chin up. Smile and be as natural as I could. I was a bit nervous and tense. I was sweating. In between the shots, the girl would come over and touch up my make up and hair. Wow! I felt like a movie star. Hee! Hee! They tried to help me relax and asked me to imagine as if I am blowing kisses to Seng Chor. I had to try to jump up and blow. At the same time, I need to remember to smile and straighten my back.

    I really admire those models. Not easy indeed. Some people can probably find it really easy to pose, but I just couldn't relax. Finally, they had a few nice shots. Phew! The whole thing took 2 hours - make-up, hair and photo shoot.

    Last December, I went to MPH, hoping to see my photo in the Her World, December 2006. It was on my birthday. Flipped through the magazine. Passed to Seng Chor to find again. But none. I was disappointed and thought that the photo would not be published. Seng Chor even suggested that I call the writer to check. I declined because I didn’t want to sound desperate. Hee! Hee! So, I chose to wait until January. I checked the magazine stall almost every time I passed one. And finally, my dream came true. It was on Friday, 29 December 2006. I was buying a birthday gift for my sister at a bookshop. As I was leaving the shop, I took a glance at the magazines shelf. Whallah! I saw a different cover on the magazine – The January issue is out! I quickly walked over to it. Then, asked the salesgirl’s permission to unwrap the magazine to check. And, after a few flips, I saw my photo in it! Wow! I was so excited. I surprised my mum with the photo that night.

    Here are some snapshots of the Her World magazine with my photo:

    When I wish upon a star…
    Five Malaysian women share their wishes for the new year…

    The magazine cover.

    Page 132. When I wish upon a star...

    Page 133. Can you recognise me?

    That's me!

    “Children are so adorable and precious, and they represent the future. I hope all children can find love and joy in their families. For me, I wish for another baby brother or a sister for my son.”


    Text & Coordination HUI PING
    Art Direction YEN HOON
    Styling YI HWA
    Outfits FOREVER 21 and EGETE

    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Aunty Luan says...

    What would Aunty Luan say to us at the Memorial Service?
    1. Keep on Serving
    2. Honour my going

    (From Brother Soo-Inn's message on 31 December 2006)

    Thank you, Aunty Luan. We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

    There's a land that is fairer than day,
    And by faith we can see it afar;
    For the Father waits over the way,
    To prepare us a dwelling place there.

    In the sweet by and by,
    We shall meet on that beautiful shore;
    In the sweet by and by,
    We shall meet on that beautiful shore;

    We shall sing on that beautiful shore
    The melodious songs of the blest,
    And our spirits shall sorrow no more,
    Not a sigh for the blessings of rest.

    To our bountiful Father above,
    We will offer a tribute of praise,
    For the glorious gift of His love,
    And the blessings that hallow our days.

    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Quote of the Month (December)

    "Stay faithful."

    ~ The Late Aunty Luan ~

    A Tribute to my Spiritual Mentor

    My Spiritual Mentor Madam Lim Luan Keow aka Aunty Luan was called home to the Lord at 8:30 am on Sunday, 31 December 2006. It was a sad day for us all at Bandar Utama Chapel.

    Luan was my Spiritual Mentor, Prayer Partner, Discipleship Group Leader, Marriage Counsellor and a good friend.

    During the first year of her mentoring, she did bible study with me almost every week at my house. I would always make a cup of tea for her. I still remember how she liked her tea to be prepared – a bag of tea with a teaspoonful of condensed milk. What she has impacted me most during the bible study is reminding me to put my identity in Christ as the first priority. She has taught me to say that “I’m a Christian who is a lecturer”.

    Luan did not just guide me in my spiritual growth, but she has also ministered to my physical needs:
    • She cooked for me when I had miscarriage. I will always miss her cooking.

    • She took my mum and me for marketing at Section 17. She introduced me to her favourite chicken and vegetables stalls.

    • Last December 2005, she accompanied me to the hospital for my checkup after the birth of my son.

    • She has even given me a parental advice during her illness – “Always speak positive words to Jordan.”
    I have many fond memories of Luan. We were in the same mission trip to China in 2004. She was an excellent team leader, constantly keeping the team in the right focus. She taught us to be FAT – Flexible, Available and Teachable. I will miss the weekly prayer meeting at her home. We have always had a good time of sharing and praying for one another and our respective ministries.

    To me, Luan was a woman of wisdom, understanding and discernment. She has always been a royal priesthood. As what brother Soo-Inn said, I can imagine her serving actively in Heaven now. All her words of advice are so precious to me that I will forever cherish them in my heart. Because of this, she will always be my Spiritual Mentor.

    I miss you, Luan.