Monday, January 01, 2007

A Tribute to my Spiritual Mentor

My Spiritual Mentor Madam Lim Luan Keow aka Aunty Luan was called home to the Lord at 8:30 am on Sunday, 31 December 2006. It was a sad day for us all at Bandar Utama Chapel.

Luan was my Spiritual Mentor, Prayer Partner, Discipleship Group Leader, Marriage Counsellor and a good friend.

During the first year of her mentoring, she did bible study with me almost every week at my house. I would always make a cup of tea for her. I still remember how she liked her tea to be prepared – a bag of tea with a teaspoonful of condensed milk. What she has impacted me most during the bible study is reminding me to put my identity in Christ as the first priority. She has taught me to say that “I’m a Christian who is a lecturer”.

Luan did not just guide me in my spiritual growth, but she has also ministered to my physical needs:
  • She cooked for me when I had miscarriage. I will always miss her cooking.

  • She took my mum and me for marketing at Section 17. She introduced me to her favourite chicken and vegetables stalls.

  • Last December 2005, she accompanied me to the hospital for my checkup after the birth of my son.

  • She has even given me a parental advice during her illness – “Always speak positive words to Jordan.”
I have many fond memories of Luan. We were in the same mission trip to China in 2004. She was an excellent team leader, constantly keeping the team in the right focus. She taught us to be FAT – Flexible, Available and Teachable. I will miss the weekly prayer meeting at her home. We have always had a good time of sharing and praying for one another and our respective ministries.

To me, Luan was a woman of wisdom, understanding and discernment. She has always been a royal priesthood. As what brother Soo-Inn said, I can imagine her serving actively in Heaven now. All her words of advice are so precious to me that I will forever cherish them in my heart. Because of this, she will always be my Spiritual Mentor.

I miss you, Luan.

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