Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Gift 2006

Since I joined Bandar Utama Chapel, I have been making Christmas gifts for almost everyone in the church. I still remember the first gift I made – a little booklet with Words of Wisdom. The cover was red with a green ribbon. In subsequent years, I have made bookmarks, boxes of God’s promises, calendars on wooden cloth pegs (2004), etc. Because of my pregnancy and the birth of Jordan, last year was the only year I didn’t make any gift. Instead, I ordered handmade notebooks with a personalised message in each of them. My sis and my friend Queenie helped me to glue the message onto the notebook.

This year, the gift was partially bought and handmade. I ordered the cut-outs for the boxes which were folded by my Mum, sis, bro and Lu Kenn. I bought 500 pieces of batik-printed paper cranes which were folded in the origami style. On the cover of each box, I stamped a picture of 2 hearts, and stuck 3 stars. Inside the cover, the message reads:

Taste and see that the
LORD is good;
(Psalm 34:8)
Mercy, peace and love
be yours in abundance.
(Jude 1:2)
Blessed Christmas &
Happy New Year
Seng Chor, Christine & Jordan.

The following are what I placed inside each box:

2 sweets – Taste and see that the LORD is good;
3 cranes (1 big and 2 smaller ones) – Representing Mercy, peace and love. The biggest crane represents love.

The cranes represent goodwill in the Chinese custom.
I pray that each one of you will be blessed by this gift.

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2007 to all!

The Gift


mimi 2 u said...

Thanks you soo much for your Christmas gifts (and birthday gifts :P) I love them all...hehe

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for the gifts.

As a guy, I sometimes don't appreciate them as much as I should.

Well, here's my belated appreciation ... :-)))))))))))))))))