Thursday, December 21, 2006

Carolling at Bukit Beruntung

Last night, 10 (6 gals and 4 guys) of us sang carols at four different places at Bukit Beruntung. Dress code – white blouse/T-shirt and Santa hat for the ladies. We left Centrepoint at about 7 pm, and reached the first house at about 7:30 pm. We were half an hour late.

First stop: Home of the handicapped children
We visit them every year. Some of these children were abandoned by their parents. It’s wonderful to bring the Christmas cheer into the home. We prayed for them, and presented them with some groceries, distributed candy canes and snacks to the children.

Second: “Chicken Little’s” house
Whenever I look at Shin Peng aka Chicken Little, I think of Jordan. They have similar look especially the chubby cheek. Here, we sang to 4 of them only. As we were rushing, we were there for about 15 minutes only. Furthermore, we had to wait for this Couple for a few minutes before we could start. Terrible, lah. :)

Third: Mr and Mrs Loke’s groceries shop
This is my first time in their shop. Good to see them again. Their children – Simone and Nicky were there too. One of the kids there even took a video of us performing. After the singing, Mrs Loke offered us packet drinks from her shop. I had the refreshing apple juice.

Fourth and Last: Suet Li’s house.
Since this is the last stop, we sang all the songs – Joy to World, Angels We have Heard on High, O Holy Night, The Gift (Mandarin song), Christmas isn’t Christmas, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Ah Siang (Suet Li’s mum) cooked Tom Yam fried noodles and red bean soup for us. She also made jelly. Yummy! So nice of her. The carollers had a good time eating and fellowshipping. The lovely couple was rather entertaining/amusing too. We had a group photo after that.

I arrived home at about 10:50 pm. Took my shower and waited for Jordan and Seng Chor to come back. They were at the Wongs’ preparing the Christmas gifts. On seeing me, Jordan kept on wanting me to carry him. He must have missed me. I miss him too. Seng Chor had to soothe him for awhile before he was willing to sleep.

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