Monday, December 18, 2006

Busy, busy Weekend

Seng Chor and I took leave on Jordan’s birthday – 14 December 2006. We spent most of the time staying at home. After lunch, we went to KLIA to pick up my Mum – Jordan’s grandma aka Popo. Jordan slept on the way there. He woke up when we arrived at the airport. On the way home, he didn’t sleep. Played with Popo. Popo was making some funny noises. Jordan smiled.

It was raining heavily. So, we didn’t go out until dinner time. At 6:30 pm, we went to Bangsar Village for dinner at Fish & Co – Seng Chor, Popo, Alex, Jordan and I. I had to collect some stuffs from a friend there. Our initial plan was Japanese food at Damansara Palm Springs. Jordan had some fish too. He didn’t really take his cereal. Poor him – I accidentally dropped him onto the floor while he was trying to wriggle away from me. He cried a bit only. Thank God didn’t knock his head – I was still holding him. It was not very high. I was sitting and he was lying on my lap, and suddenly he slipped away and fell. He probably got a shock, and cried.

We reached home before 9 pm. He had his milk and waited for his Khai Ma (Tracy) to come. She arrived about 9:30 pm. Then, we sang the birthday song, blew the candle and cut the Winnie the Pooh Jelly cake.

Three of us – Popo, Tracy and I, had a good time playing with Jordan. He was crawling around the living room, smiling, imitating us as we stamped our feet and shook our heads. We wanted to get him to say “ten”. Eventually, he did. Tracy held both hands out to him. He hit her hands and said “ten”. Then, my mum and I followed. He was a bit confused and didn’t know which hands to hit. Hahaha. He repeated the action few times. It was really fun to see him enjoying himself.

I had a busy weekend because of the College Open Day. Had to work from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday. Then, 1 – 6 pm on Sunday, after church. It was pretty quiet in the College – not much enquiries. :( Not good. Hopefully, registration will improve. The next intake commences on 8 January 2007. I will be teaching C++ programming again for the Year 1 students, who will be in the second term.

On Friday night, Seng Chor and I attended his colleagues’ wedding dinner at Chuei Heng Restaurant, Old Klang Road. So, Jordan stayed overnight at the babysitter. Seng Chor picked him after 1 pm, and took him to College to visit me. Later, Seng Chor took him for a swing at the playground.

After the birthday celebration on Saturday, Seng Chor and I had fun time taking out all his gifts. Jordan was sleeping upstairs while all of us (Seng Chor, my mum, Eva, Alex, Lu Kenn and I) admired his presents one after the other. I took pictures of all the gifts – before and after opening them. Hahaha! He can’t play with all of them yet. So, the parents can play first. Will give him one at a time – so that he doesn’t get bored easily.

He has been ‘talking’ a lot for the past 2 days. Very funny indeed. None of us understood his jargon. Yesterday, he started to play with his new toys. He was really busy with them. We played along with him – trying to teach him how to put the blocks in the right place. He was quite amused with the spinning gears in the activity board.

Yesterday, in the church, he clapped along as we sang the song Ancient of Days. He stood on the chair and clapped together with us. It was a lovely sight indeed. As usual, a lot of people carried him – especially the youth. After church, Seng Chor took him along for the Christmas Carnival leaflet distribution at Kota Damansara. Jordan was in the car with some of the youth. It was quite hot actually. He took a short nap. Later in the afternoon, my mum played with him while Seng Chor took a nap. He was still playing when I reached home. It was truly a joy to see him after a hard day at work.

One year is over. More challenges and fun time ahead with Jordan.

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