Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Community Carnival

Our Bandar Utama Chapel Game Stalls - most well decorated.
One of the games was featured in the Star (Metro) newspaper yesterday - 27 December 2006.

My Growth Group's game - "Egg in the Hole".

There were coloured holes on the egg tray - 1 black on each tray, and a few green and red holes. Each person is given 3 ping-pong balls for 1 game token. If the ball enters a black hole, the player gets 3 points. Green or red gains 1 point. They can then use the points to redeem their prizes.
There was a long queue for this game. We had to close the stall earlier because we ran out of tokens. The poster was drawn by my sis. Well done, to all my GG members.

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