Monday, December 04, 2006

Birthday Dinner at Prince Hotel

On my birthday, I spent almost the whole day babysitting as Seng Chor had to invigilate a professional examination. It was a good time with Jordan. Changed him, fed him, bathed him and played with him. Seng Chor came back in the evening. About 6:45 pm, we left for Prince Hotel. The booking was at 7:30 pm – we arrived on time. The venue – Taishojin (Japanese cuisine). He booked the whole restaurant! Eh…actually we were the only customers there. So, it feels like as if we booked the whole restaurant. The rest were chefs, waiters and waitresses. I thought we were going to have Western food because that’s what we usually have for celebration. This is a second surprise. The first surprise is the booking.

I ordered smoked salmon, and Seng Chor had cod fish. I had my favorite Californian Roll and Miso soup. For dessert, I ordered Green Tea ice cream. I enjoyed the ice cream so much that I forgot to give some to Seng Chor. Oops! He sort of complained about it after the dinner. Ha! Ha! Ha! I really, really forgot about him. For Jordan, he had some rice and fish. He behaved well throughout the dinner. This is one of the rare occasions where Seng Chor and I could actually sat down quietly to finish a dinner. Jordan was sitting on the stroller the whole time. Guess what? The restaurant even provided babysitting facilities. Hee! Hee! One of the waitresses likes Jordan so much, that she carried him away, as he was making noises towards the end of the dinner. He played with the other waiters and waitresses as well. This boy of ours goes to anyone. Dangerous, eh? Good also as we can get anyone to baby sit him. As we were leaving the restaurant, Seng Chor wanted to carry him back, he refused and turned away! What a naughty boy is he! I think he can just follow the waitress home. Aiyo! In the end, he allowed Seng Chor to carry him.

The dinner was 50% off because we are members of the Prince Hotel & Residence Club – buy 1 free 1. So, the bill was reasonable. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Good service - well...we were the only customers. :) The night ended with shopping at 1 Utama – just bought some magazines at MPH.

Once again, another memorable birthday celebration. Thanks Seng Chor, and thanks to baby Jordan for behaving well.

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