Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I won a hamper? *pooph*

On Christmas Day, while most of my church members were at the Christmas Community Carnival at Kota Damansara, I had to baby sit at home. It was a tiring day. After lunch, Jordan was a bit restless. I think he was looking for his Daddy. Whenever he wants to sleep, he seems to look for his Daddy. I tried to make him sleep but he just kept on crying. In the end, we (my Mum, sis and I) took him to the carnival. He slept in the car on the way there. On arrival, Seng Chor came to the car to carry him. He woke up and was happy to see his Daddy. Seng Chor carried him all over the place. After getting some food, we left.

At night, we (Seng Chor, Mum, Jordan and I) had a sumptuous Christmas dinner at Uncle Soon Thye and Aunty Lai Hong’s house. It was one of the best Christmas dinner I ever had – roast lamb, turkey, grilled fish, prawn kebab, fried chicken, fried rice, noodles, special salad, ice kacang (it was finished before I could even lick it!), spaghetti, … I had so much that I couldn’t sleep well last night. We were also entertained by a group of carolers. We also celebrated Aunty Lim’s 86th birthday. She was happy to see Jordan.

There was another reason why I couldn’t sleep – I won a hamper and I lost it at the same time. During the carnival, I registered for the lucky draw. At the dinner, Aunty Sue told me the bad news – “You won a hamper”. I didn’t believe her. I thought that she was pulling my legs. I fell into her trap before. It seems that they called my name a few times. Then, Aunty Sue pushed Wan Yi to collect on behalf of me. When Wan Yi went up to them, they asked for my ic number but Wan Yi doesn’t know. So, I lost the hamper. *SIGH* AARGH! It was quite a big hamper as it was towards the end of the lucky draw. Three other church members also won – Ming Han, Xian Jiek, Sebastian (he was not there to collect too). Seng Chor should have stayed a little bit longer. Aiya! Well, the comforting thought is that - I have blessed someone else through my absence. :p

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