Monday, July 30, 2007

Family and Redang

First family photo in Redang

The Teohs' 1st bicycle ride

Dancing with Jordan

On the beach

In the room

In the lobby

Extended family

Even Jordan was posing...

At the Hai Peng Kopitiam

Friday, July 27, 2007

Redang with Jordan

(19 July 2007 – 22 July 2007)

1st Day
We left the house at about 3:45 am. Pei Lu was in our car. Yoke Kheng drove the other car with Kenny and Sahaya as passengers. The journey was good. Jordan behaved well. He was still in his pyjamas. We had a short toilet break along the highway, then no more break until Kemaman. We stopped at the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam for breakfast – it was about 7:30 am.

We arrived at the Kuala Terengganu Jetty at 10:30 am and boarded the ferry straight away. We were the last on board but had the whole front deck all to ourselves. The journey took one and a half hour. Jordan had a good view of the sea.

The bus from the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort picked us up, and upon arrival at the resort, we were welcome with a drink. After checking in, Seng Chor went for his first dive. Jordan roamed about in the room – playing with (throwing) his toys. Later, he slept until Seng Chor woke him up for a dip in the swimming pool. Seng Chor also took him to the sea. Jordan loved the pool but not the sea. He was a bit scared. He was also afraid to walk on the sand.

For dinner, we ate at a Malay restaurant just outside the resort. It was not a pleasant dinner. Food was ok but the cashier was horrible. Yoke Kheng was even charged 50 cents for her little bowl of chili.

2nd Day
It drizzled in the morning.
Seng Chor left for his second diving trip before 8 am.
As soon as Seng Chor returned, Jordan woke up. It was after 10:30 am. I rested well.

Seng Chor baby sat while I played card games in the next room.

At about 1:45 pm, Seng Chor went for his third dive.

At 4:30 pm, I went for the Ayura Signature Massage (90 minutes).
“The signature massage took me back to the traditional art of healing and renewal where a heated poultice of aromatic herbs and spices is applied on the meridian points of the body to soothe sore muscles, followed by an invigorating massage to ease joint pains with Oriental Spice aromatherapy blend.”

It was my first ‘real’ massage. The last time I had a massage was during my confinement, at home. This is my first massage in a resort, and definitely not the last. I felt like a queen. On arrival, I was escorted into a room. It has a bathroom with a nice shower area. The bed for massage was in the hall. The room was filled with a soothing music. I was asked to change, while the lady waited outside. Next, she washed my feet with warm water. It reminded me of the time when some of the ladies in the church took turns to wash each other feet to symbolize servanthood. It felt good. Then, the massage began – legs, hands, body, shoulder and head. It was wonderful. I didn’t realize that the time was up. I thought it was just 1 hour, but it was 90 minutes already.

My leg muscles ache a bit after that, but it didn’t last long. It was my first body massage after all. There were no other body aches – so the lady has done a good job.

3rd Day
It was the fourth and final dive for Seng Chor in the morning. It was drizzling.
Kenny, Sahaya and Pei Lu went for snorkeling. Yoke Kheng had a stroll on the beach and around the resort. I stayed in the room.

Jordan woke up at almost 12 noon! Super sleep!

Seng Chor, Yoke Kheng, Kenny, Sahaya and I played board games after lunch. Kenny brought Careers and Rat Race, and Yoke Kheng borrowed Cashflow from Xian Jiek. I got to play Careers and Cashflow. I enjoyed Careers more.

“Careers is a board game first manufactured by Parker Brothers in 1955, which has been reprinted from time to time up to the present day. It was devised by the sociologist James Cooke Brown. Victory conditions consist of a minimum amount of fame, happiness and money that the player must gain. Players set their own victory conditions before the game begins, the total of which must be sixty (or one hundred, recommended when only two are playing).

The board consists of a square with an outer track and several minor loops (called occupation paths), each of which starts and ends at a space on the outer track. Some fame, happiness and money ("victory points") can be obtained on the outer track. These victory points can be obtained more quickly on the occupation paths. Each occupation path has more opportunities for certain types of victory points than others (e.g., in Hollywood there are many opportunities to get fame points). Each occupation also has certain minimum entry requirements.”

Seng Chor won the game, followed by Sahaya. I was close. I just need to accumulate more fame points (stars).

Later, Yoke Kheng, Kenny, Sahaya and I played Cashflow and Sahaya won.

4th Day (Sunday)
Jordan woke up early – 7 am. Probably he thought that we were going to church. Hehehe!
We checked out at 12 noon, and left the resort at 12:30 pm. The ferry was packed this time. But we still managed to find good seats at the front deck.

We arrived Kuala Terengganu at about 2:30 pm, and stopped over at KFC for lunch.

The next stop was at the Hai Peng Kopitiam at Kemaman. It was crowded. I saw a crew of cameraman and thought that they were filming a movie or just taking a break there. Yoke Kheng managed to get a table for us at the side. We placed our orders. I ordered bread with peanut butter and banana, and ice blended coffee. Behind us, there were people smoking. So, Seng Chor suggested that we move to the table inside, which was just vacated. There were 2 other tables next to us – one on the left and the other on the right. Interestingly, one of the crew members approached us, and said that they are from the Malaysia Tourism Board. They were filming for a Merdeka Day advertisement in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia 2007. They requested us to sing the song, “Rasa Sayang”. Wow! This will be my second time on tv. I would say that we sang well. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. We had 2 worship leaders with us. As we sang, Seng Chor was carrying Jordan, and Jordan was enjoying a love letter that came with my coffee. Oh, what a privilege! The Teohs will be on tv!

After filming us, they filmed the shop owner and his staff. They also sang, “Rasa Sayang”. They didn’t sing well initially, and was asked to start again. Hehehe!

The advertisement will be on aired from 15 August onwards in TV1, 2, 3 and Astro – probably for a month. So, watch out for it. I must get the tape ready for recording.


It was a wonderful trip for the Teohs:
• First island trip for Jordan
• First ferry ride for Jordan
• First ‘swim’ for Jordan in the pool and sea
• First body massage for me
• First bicycle ride for me and Jordan
• First time for the Teohs to ride on one bicycle
• First advertisement filming for the family

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I saw myself on tv

YES! I saw it. The recording was successful. I was on ntv7 for about 2 - 3 minutes! We are estatic that they chose our interview to air. They approached quite a number of groups that day. What a wonderful privilege! Sue and the girls spoke well.

Seng Chor commented that I didn’t look photogenic. My Mum said that my face looked chubby. Blame it on the camera. I looked shy. I should have said more things. I was blur. Yikes! It could be my one and only golden opportunity for stardom and I blew it. Sigh! Hahaha!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Interviewed by ntv7

Starlight Cinema – Asia largest outdoor cinema festival is back! This year, it is at KBU football field. Cool, eh?

On Tuesday, 17 July 2007, I had the privilege to watch the first movie – Casino Royale with Aunty Sue, Michelle and Rachelle. It was my first outing (definitely not the last) with them. It was the first time they sat in my SLK (Small Little Kancil), driven by me. It was the first outdoor movie for them, and second for me.

Though I was a bit disappointed with the sound system, I still enjoyed myself. We arrived at the field before 7:30 pm. I thought that my colleague was able to book seats for us at the VIP tent but he couldn’t. Then, he suggested that we get some card boards from the Marketing Department. We couldn’t find them. So, eventually we all went back to The Wongs to get a piece of cloth and some plastic bags to sit on.

We returned to the field before 8 pm. We found a spot at the side – Aunty Sue and I sat on plastic bags, while the girls sat on the cloth. We saw some folks from ntv7 approaching different groups to interview, and Michelle was saying something like, “Come, come, I want to be on tv.” Rachelle was eyeing the Shandy for quite some time. So, we went to buy a pack – 6 cans. They gave us free tickets for the Premiere movie on Friday, and 6 spins on the lucky wheel. I wanted to do only 3 spins, and let Rach spin the other 3. She insisted that I spun all 6. I did, and won 5 out of 6 times – 3 popcorns, 1 can of Shandy and 2 movie tickets! We were thrilled. Before that, we even thought of bringing our own popcorns. In the end, we finished only 1 pack.

Rach and I went back to the spot with our freebies/goodies. Unexpectedly, the ntv7 hosts came to interview us. His name is Jonathan Putra (JP), and the lady is Xandria Ooi from the show Life! Session. All 4 of us were interviewed. Jonathan sat in between Mich and Rach. They asked questions, like, “Is this your first time?”, “How do you feel?”, “Why we decided to go?”, “What movies are we looking forward to?”, etc. The camera and lights were right in front of us the whole time. At the end of the interview, he got all of us to shout, “Watch Life! Session at ntv7.” (something like that). After that, we ladies thought that we could do/look better. Rach said she should have put on contact lenses. I was thinking about putting on lipstick. Our faces were rather oily too.

That’s not the end of the fun part. Before the movie started, JP and Xandria went to the front and asked questions. They gave out boxes of regular Domino’s Pizza for each correct answer. Initially, people were asked to go to them to answer the questions. After 2 or 3 rounds, they decided to approach the crowd for the answer instead. We decided to try. We waited for the opportunity, and it came – Xandria asked, “Which ntv7 programme is hosted by both of us?” They spotted Aunty Sue’s hands, and the funny thing was that, Xandria thought that it was a guy. Aunty Sue had her hair tied up, that’s why she was mistaken for a gentleman. Hahaha! So, JP and the crew came over to our little spot. Mich or Rach answered the question, and they asked more questions. Aunty Sue knew all the answers – the time of the show, topics in the show, etc. And we got 2 boxes of regular Hawaiian Pizza! Sue suggested that we give one box to Seng Chor for his dinner. So, I called him. He was on the way home from Jordan’s babysitter. I met him at the KBU guard house, had a glance of Jordan, passed the pizza to Seng Chor and zoomed back to the movie. I missed few minutes.

Gee, what an exciting start to the movie! It’s one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to share them with Sue, Mich and Rach. Oh, what I like best about the movie – the gambling part. Hehehe!

What an awesome start to my first day of the week – our little interview was aired this morning (Monday, 23 July 2007) at about 11:40 am. Moreover, today is also my beloved Mama’s birthday. My mum, Yoke Kheng, Aunty Sue and Rach saw it. As Aunty Sue said, “We’re STARS! We’re on national TV.” Super cool and fantastic indeed!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Learning Hokkien - Just for Laughs

(If you can't read, Please click on the image to enlarge.)

The Family in Red

My handsome boy and I.


Photos were taken at Pantai Seafood Restaurant on Sunday, 15 July 2007, to celebrate Yoke Teen's birthday.

Time Off for Parents

Mothers, and by extension fathers, need to take a break in order to be better parents to their children.
Mothers need a break to pamper themselves to recharge their mind, body and soul.

(by Rachel Goodchild)


I totally agree with Rachel. Some of the BUC ladies (especially the young mothers) are planning to take a break for a weekend, away from their husbands and children. It got to be some where out of Malaysia - shopping in Bandung or Bali or Bangkok.

For a start, I'm going to pamper myself in Redang this weekend - I will get a good massage and enjoy the spa in the resort. It will be my first time. Woohoo!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bed vs Cot

Since Jordan slept in the cot, he has been waking up in the wee hours of the morning. It’s even worse than sleeping late. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem tired at all during the day. I was almost half dead on Saturday because he woke up around 4 am. Sometimes I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I had to baby sit him the whole day because Seng Chor was working. I was really frustrated with Jordan but still managed to show much grace.

On Saturday night, I suggested to Seng Chor to allow Jordan to sleep on the bed with us. I wanted to prove my theory that he sleeps better and longer on the bed. And I too will get more sleep as well. My hypothesis was proven to be true. We had to wake him up for church on Sunday. We repeated the same thing – allowed him to sleep on the bed with us last night and he slept all the way until the babysitter’s house this morning.

The reason – baby dreams too, and sometimes, dreams wake them up. So, when Jordan wakes up while he’s in the cot, he would look for us and cry for attention. There’s when I lose my sleep to entertain him. When he’s on the bed, he’s ok. He knows that we are there, and he would continue to sleep. He wants to feel secure.

ConclusionAllow him to sleep on the bed with us for now – better for me, better for him. Eh…not sure whether it is better for Seng Chor.

Japanese Name

Lee Siew Ken

My japanese name is Hara (wilderness) ? Tsubaki (camellia flower).


Lee Christine

My japanese name is Hara (wilderness) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations).

Take your real japanese name generator! today!

Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm so in love...

... with my son ...

His 'Bugs Bunny front teeth' are getting more and more obvious. My Mum said that he has a really captivating smile which would definitely melt anybody's heart.

(The photo was taken on Saturday, 07/07/07 at MyKitchen Restaurant.)

You scored as a Bumblebee

You scored as Bumblebee, Your match is Bumblebee!

People around you appreciate your positive outlook and
feel that they can rely on you. Putting others first is
important to you, often at your own sacrifice. Your
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Optimus Prime


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Which Transformers character Are You?
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‘Shower Stories’

Last night
Seng Chor normally showers before putting Jordan to bed. Last night, after feeding Jordan, he told Jordan, “Daddy is going to shower now”. Then, I realized something and asked, “I thought that you have already showered in the evening”. He replied, “Oh, ya oh. I forgot.”

Last week
I normally wash my hair first before my body. My mind was occupied with something during one of my showers last week. As I was about to wash my body, I suddenly asked myself whether I have washed my body or not before that. I remembered washing my hair but I couldn’t remember washing my body! So, I told myself, “Nevermind lah, just shower again loh.”

These 2 stories are just the tip of our Memory Bank iceberg. I suffer from short term memory more than Seng Chor. He always attributes this problem to my PhD i.e. Permanent Head Damage. :p

Best Advice on Shower
Clean/Wash yourself starting from the top to bottom – which is, from head to toe.
Why? Because if you clean your body first before your hair, your body will be ‘dirty’ again when you wash your hair. (soap + water flows from top to bottom). Then, you will need to wash your body all over again!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No struggle

Last night, my Year 3 students who have just completed their degree last month treated me Bak Kut Teh (BKT) at Klang (Bukit Raja). It's so nice of them. BKT is one of my favourite food. The dinner was truly satisfying.

After dinner, they took me to Hartamas Square for a drink - first time for me. I ordered a glass of hot Horlick - haven't had that for quite a while. It's one of my favourite drinks. Had a good chat with a few of them. It was good to know some of the students better. Now, they are planning for the next dinner - maybe seafood in Kuala Selangor.

Oh, I got to sit in my student's new Perodua Viva. He just bought it 3 weeks ago. Cool. Looks tempting. Hehehe!

I reached home almost 12 midnight. Seng Chor and Jordan were already sleeping. Jordan was actually sleeping almost at the edge of the bed. As I was about to wash up, Seng Chor carried him to his cot. He whined a bit then continue to sleep. No struggle at all!


(Extracted from the Time magazine, Oct 16, 2006)


A fistful of sugar + A large pinch of salt + (dissolved in) a jug of clear water and administered gradually

(Eight teaspoons of sugar + one teaspoon of salt + one litre of water)


  1. Oral Rehydration treatment can reverse dehydration in more than 90% of patients, even in cases of the sever diarrhea caused by bugs like rotavirus and cholera.

  2. When the solution reaches the small intestine, the sodium-glucose co-transport pathway moves sugar from the hollow part of the intestine (lumen) into its mucosal lining (epithelium) through the villi, small fingerlike projections on the intestinal wall. "It's like having a chemical needle in the intestinal tract," says William Greenough, a professor of medicine at John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and a former director of ICDDR (INTERNATIONAL CENTRE for DIARRHOEAL DISEASE RESEARCH).

  3. Sugar's chemical properties allow salt to be absorbed more efficiently. The salt then promotes the absorption of water into the capillaries within the intestinal walls, which carry the water and electrolytes to other parts of the body and restore fluid balance.

(Please note ready-mixed sugar-salt packets are sold at pharmacies. A retired nurse told my Mum that a few years back, some friends who climbed Mt. Kinabalu took several packets with them in cases of leg cramps.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Good Job, Seng Chor!"

Seng Chor pacified Jordan last night. He carried him and sang to him. Then, he slowly placed him into the cot. Jordan cried a bit. Seng Chor patted him, and within less than 5 minutes, Jordan fell asleep in the cot. Woohoo! Another successful night.

Well done, Seng Chor!

Monday, July 09, 2007

3 As for Jordan

After reading the article on "Meeting Life's 3 As", I would like to commit myself to provide Jordan with the 3 As.

  • To give him my undivided attention at home when he gets back from the babysitter.

  • To respond to his whining and crying whenever it’s appropriate.

  • To shower him with lots of hugs/cuddles and kisses.

  • To massage him.

  • Say, “I love you” to him everyday.

  • Clap my hands and say, “Clever boy!”, whenever he learns/does something new or obeys simple instructions.

  • Tell him that I’m proud of him.

  • Let him know that he is good at certain skills – like holding his bottle to drink.

Meeting life’s 3 As

(By Rachel Goodchild)

It can be easy to focus on the physical and education needs of our children and forget that there are other things just as important for their development.

These things can easily be put aside in the busy times and be forgotten, leaving our children feeling vulnerable and lacking.

There are three words that sum up the areas of mental health we, as parents, should focus on with our children. These are attention, affection and affirmation.

These three gifts help our children to become self-assured and confident, ready to learn and grow.

A for Attention
I often ask parents of children who are misbehaving how much quality one-on-one time they are giving their children.

I know my children will misbehave to get my attention. To counteract that, I try and give them attention before that happens.

In that way, they get praise and positive attention rather than negative attention.

Children are designed to want to be noticed and listened to. If they feel that you are not listening to them, they will find another way to get your attention – which is where bad behaviour comes in.

Giving your children positive attention, spending time with them without doing something else at the same time will fill them up with the sense of worth they are searching for.

A for Affection
My second child is hard-wired to need a lot of affection – but all my children need it.

I am careful to make sure hugs, cuddles and kisses are free commodities in our house.

We have a system at night where the two girls take it in turns to brush my hair while we read books. It is a lovely way to quietly bond with my girls, and share affection.

Hand stroking, kissing, hugs and cuddles are all important. Children also enjoy massages.

Sometimes the week can get busy – so I make sure we have lots of excuses for physical affection in the weekends – with cuddles in bed, rough-and-tumble chasing games, and cuddles while reading books on the couch.

A for Affirmation
An affirmation helps someone know what he or she is good at and who he or she is.

Phrases such as “You are a kind and thoughtful person” or “Well done for remembering to take your plate into the kitchen”, all build up our children and help them feel valued and supported.

Affirmations also make us feel good.

We play a game some nights called The Way I Love You, which is really just me listing a whole raft of things I love about my children.

They would have me do it every night – but I confess sometimes I am too tired!

However, I try to at least promise it for another night, and make sure I save some energy if that is the option.

I will include ideas like “I like the way you are working hard at predicting new words” or “I like the hugs and kisses you give your sister when she is sad.”

Each of these three As is important. Add them into your parenting patterns and you will quickly see a positive result for your children’s behaviour.


Last night, we let Jordan cried for about an hour before he finally fell asleep in the cot. Yup, ONE hour! Initially, I accompanied him. I just lied down on the bed quietly. Then, Seng Chor took over, and I went down to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Seng Chor joined me after Jordan has slept. He slept well until this morning (after the alarm clock rang), and was in a happy mood.

Poor Jordan but this is the only way to train him at the moment. Cruel?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Back to cot

Seng Chor and I have been trying to get Jordan to return to his cot to sleep. It was a successful attempt on Monday night. He stood and cried for about 5 minutes first, then, lied down and slept. Both of us were on the bed beside him.

On Tuesday night, Seng Chor placed him into the cot again at around 10:30 pm. Both of us left the room and went downstairs. He cried. Our plan was to allow him to cry until he falls asleep. Seng Chor read newspapers. I was washing some dishes. 5 minutes passed - still crying. 10 minutes - seemed softer but grew louder again. 15 minutes later - non-stop crying. After almost 20 minutes since we left him, we decided to give up and went upstairs to pacify the poor boy. He was still crying non-stop when we carried him out of the cot. He was in the same position throughout the ordeal - standing at the side, crying. The bedding and pillows on the cot were untouched. Poor boy! Our mission has failed too!

We have not tried again since that night. He was at the babysitter on Wednesday night as Seng Chor and I watched Transformers (super cool). Surprisingly, he sleeps in the cot at the babysitter but wants to sleep on the bed with us at home. sigh. We still struggle to get him to sleep every night. He cries every night before he sleeps. sigh.

What can we do? Hang tough!