Thursday, July 12, 2007

‘Shower Stories’

Last night
Seng Chor normally showers before putting Jordan to bed. Last night, after feeding Jordan, he told Jordan, “Daddy is going to shower now”. Then, I realized something and asked, “I thought that you have already showered in the evening”. He replied, “Oh, ya oh. I forgot.”

Last week
I normally wash my hair first before my body. My mind was occupied with something during one of my showers last week. As I was about to wash my body, I suddenly asked myself whether I have washed my body or not before that. I remembered washing my hair but I couldn’t remember washing my body! So, I told myself, “Nevermind lah, just shower again loh.”

These 2 stories are just the tip of our Memory Bank iceberg. I suffer from short term memory more than Seng Chor. He always attributes this problem to my PhD i.e. Permanent Head Damage. :p

Best Advice on Shower
Clean/Wash yourself starting from the top to bottom – which is, from head to toe.
Why? Because if you clean your body first before your hair, your body will be ‘dirty’ again when you wash your hair. (soap + water flows from top to bottom). Then, you will need to wash your body all over again!

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