Friday, July 06, 2007

Back to cot

Seng Chor and I have been trying to get Jordan to return to his cot to sleep. It was a successful attempt on Monday night. He stood and cried for about 5 minutes first, then, lied down and slept. Both of us were on the bed beside him.

On Tuesday night, Seng Chor placed him into the cot again at around 10:30 pm. Both of us left the room and went downstairs. He cried. Our plan was to allow him to cry until he falls asleep. Seng Chor read newspapers. I was washing some dishes. 5 minutes passed - still crying. 10 minutes - seemed softer but grew louder again. 15 minutes later - non-stop crying. After almost 20 minutes since we left him, we decided to give up and went upstairs to pacify the poor boy. He was still crying non-stop when we carried him out of the cot. He was in the same position throughout the ordeal - standing at the side, crying. The bedding and pillows on the cot were untouched. Poor boy! Our mission has failed too!

We have not tried again since that night. He was at the babysitter on Wednesday night as Seng Chor and I watched Transformers (super cool). Surprisingly, he sleeps in the cot at the babysitter but wants to sleep on the bed with us at home. sigh. We still struggle to get him to sleep every night. He cries every night before he sleeps. sigh.

What can we do? Hang tough!

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