Friday, June 29, 2007

Tough nights…but got surprise kiss

Seng Chor and I picked Jordan at around 7 pm yesterday. Then, we went to 1 Utama for dinner and some shopping. Jordan had some of my Mee Mamak. He enjoyed it. He was also getting friendly with some guys and a gal sitting behind us. Next, he had two rides with Barney and friends. He loved that too. Finally, we shopped for some groceries at Jusco. Towards the end, he was unmanageable. It was a bit embarrassing because he was crying non-stop. I felt people staring us, probably wondering whether we had tortured our son or not. One lady said that he must be sleepy. Yeah, that’s our deduction too – he was feeling sleepy. He cried almost all the way to the car. He fell asleep on the car seat as we were going home.

Upon reaching home, Seng Chor wiped and changed him – wiped his face, hands and legs. He was still sleeping. Then, we woke him up to drink his milk. After his milk, he turned hyper active. So, Seng Chor said, “Let’s take him out for a ride.” We traveled to Kota Damansara, and headed for the Subang Airport. Unfortunately, Jordan didn’t fall asleep. Ha! Ha! Ha! The old trick has failed. Seng Chor tried to get him to sleep again, but he ended up scolding him loudly. Poor Jordan! I think he was traumatized – his Daddy, whom he kissed so many times that morning, was angry with him. He cried for about 5 to 10 minutes. I tried to pacify him by singing and carrying him. Both didn’t work. He cried until he became too tired and fell asleep.

Confession time – I screamed at him and smacked his buttocks on Wednesday night. He didn’t want to sleep, and yet at the same time he refused to let me sleep. He snatched my pillow, and cried whenever I didn’t allow him to play. Surprisingly, as I lied down after the screaming and smacking episodes, he came towards me and kissed me. Wow! I didn’t scream at him anymore. He has tamed me with that sudden kiss. Eventually, we both fell asleep. He certainly knows how to soften your heart.

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