Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spidey, Pirates and Jordan

Seng Chor and I took time off from Jordan for the last 2 Wednesdays. He was at the babysitter for 3 days, 2 nights last week – Wednesday to Friday. So, Seng Chor and I watched Spiderman 3 at GSC. Last night, Jordan stayed overnight again at the babysitter while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean at GSC. I enjoyed both movies but missing Jordan at the same time.

Jordan’s sleeping patterns have been quite irregular lately. Sometimes he sleeps before 10:30 pm and sometimes after 12 midnight. It’s probably another milestone for him – he will be 18 months old next Thursday. One of the reasons why we left him at the babysitter last week – after our Cameron trip was to fatten him up and train him to sleep early. Yup, he did gain back a bit of weight, but his sleeping time is still odd. One day, he was fine, the next day was not. He was like hyper active and just refused to sleep. Tuesday night was the worst – he just kept on crying. He was also throwing his toys onto the floor. In the end, Seng Chor had to take him out for a ride. That was around 12 midnight.

He doesn’t behave like this at the babysitter. Over there, he is like a perfect baby – eat, sleep, play. He really knows who to bully. Hahaha! He will be back tonight. Hopefully, he has calmed down after a good day at the babysitter.

Of course, I prefer to have him at home every night. We just need to exercise more love – patient, gentleness. He misses us and we miss him too. He probably wants to spend more time with us rather than sleep. But we are tired and want to sleep. That’s why is can be so frustrating. It is not easy to discipline him. We are still learning…

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