Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Midnight Ride

Last night was a tough night for Seng Chor and me. We picked Jordan very late – about 9:30 pm after Seng Chor’s badminton. We arrived home almost 10 pm. For no apparent reason, Jordan kept on crying as I was trying to wipe and change him. He cried until I stuffed the milk bottle into his mouth. After drinking 7 oz his milk, he didn’t want to sleep. He wouldn’t let me sleep either – whining and crying on and off. About half an hour later, I turned on the Nursery Rhymes VCD for him to watch. He watched quietly until almost to the end. He still refused to sleep. When I didn’t allow him to play, he cried non-stop. Finally, Seng Chor and I took him out for a ride. He fell asleep within few minutes.

This morning, he woke up at 4 am, crying for milk! He finished his milk fast, and cried suddenly. Seng Chor pacified him until he fell asleep again.

This odd behaviour happens occasionally. We are still very much puzzled by Jordan’s behaviour. What we struggle most at this moment, is trying to get him to sleep. Sometimes perfect, sometimes horrendous.

Well, look at the bright side…there were wonderful moments with Jordan.
Here are some of the recent ones…

Occasionally, he pats our back when we carry him. What a nice feeling!

His kisses are so addictive. One is never enough. The best is to get a surprise kiss from him. Oooohhh, it just melts my heart away. It’s funny that he wants to kiss the lips, and not the cheeks. We turn our cheeks to him, but he goes for the lips.

Jordan suddenly said, “Dog” himself, followed by “Wow-wow”. He repeated few times. Normally, we say, “Dog”, and he says, “Wow-wow”.
(Monday, 25 June 2007)

He is still calling, “Daddy” most of the time. Sometimes, when he knows that Seng Chor is in the bathroom, he would knock at the door and call, “Daddy” in his sweet and irresistible voice.

Nowadays, he obediently takes his dirty clothes and throws them into the laundry basket.

He holds his milk bottle more steadily.

He can walk up and down the stairs with support. Previously, he crawled up.

There is still so much to teach our boy...every tiny little achievement of his, is our pride and joy.

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