Monday, July 23, 2007

Interviewed by ntv7

Starlight Cinema – Asia largest outdoor cinema festival is back! This year, it is at KBU football field. Cool, eh?

On Tuesday, 17 July 2007, I had the privilege to watch the first movie – Casino Royale with Aunty Sue, Michelle and Rachelle. It was my first outing (definitely not the last) with them. It was the first time they sat in my SLK (Small Little Kancil), driven by me. It was the first outdoor movie for them, and second for me.

Though I was a bit disappointed with the sound system, I still enjoyed myself. We arrived at the field before 7:30 pm. I thought that my colleague was able to book seats for us at the VIP tent but he couldn’t. Then, he suggested that we get some card boards from the Marketing Department. We couldn’t find them. So, eventually we all went back to The Wongs to get a piece of cloth and some plastic bags to sit on.

We returned to the field before 8 pm. We found a spot at the side – Aunty Sue and I sat on plastic bags, while the girls sat on the cloth. We saw some folks from ntv7 approaching different groups to interview, and Michelle was saying something like, “Come, come, I want to be on tv.” Rachelle was eyeing the Shandy for quite some time. So, we went to buy a pack – 6 cans. They gave us free tickets for the Premiere movie on Friday, and 6 spins on the lucky wheel. I wanted to do only 3 spins, and let Rach spin the other 3. She insisted that I spun all 6. I did, and won 5 out of 6 times – 3 popcorns, 1 can of Shandy and 2 movie tickets! We were thrilled. Before that, we even thought of bringing our own popcorns. In the end, we finished only 1 pack.

Rach and I went back to the spot with our freebies/goodies. Unexpectedly, the ntv7 hosts came to interview us. His name is Jonathan Putra (JP), and the lady is Xandria Ooi from the show Life! Session. All 4 of us were interviewed. Jonathan sat in between Mich and Rach. They asked questions, like, “Is this your first time?”, “How do you feel?”, “Why we decided to go?”, “What movies are we looking forward to?”, etc. The camera and lights were right in front of us the whole time. At the end of the interview, he got all of us to shout, “Watch Life! Session at ntv7.” (something like that). After that, we ladies thought that we could do/look better. Rach said she should have put on contact lenses. I was thinking about putting on lipstick. Our faces were rather oily too.

That’s not the end of the fun part. Before the movie started, JP and Xandria went to the front and asked questions. They gave out boxes of regular Domino’s Pizza for each correct answer. Initially, people were asked to go to them to answer the questions. After 2 or 3 rounds, they decided to approach the crowd for the answer instead. We decided to try. We waited for the opportunity, and it came – Xandria asked, “Which ntv7 programme is hosted by both of us?” They spotted Aunty Sue’s hands, and the funny thing was that, Xandria thought that it was a guy. Aunty Sue had her hair tied up, that’s why she was mistaken for a gentleman. Hahaha! So, JP and the crew came over to our little spot. Mich or Rach answered the question, and they asked more questions. Aunty Sue knew all the answers – the time of the show, topics in the show, etc. And we got 2 boxes of regular Hawaiian Pizza! Sue suggested that we give one box to Seng Chor for his dinner. So, I called him. He was on the way home from Jordan’s babysitter. I met him at the KBU guard house, had a glance of Jordan, passed the pizza to Seng Chor and zoomed back to the movie. I missed few minutes.

Gee, what an exciting start to the movie! It’s one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to share them with Sue, Mich and Rach. Oh, what I like best about the movie – the gambling part. Hehehe!

What an awesome start to my first day of the week – our little interview was aired this morning (Monday, 23 July 2007) at about 11:40 am. Moreover, today is also my beloved Mama’s birthday. My mum, Yoke Kheng, Aunty Sue and Rach saw it. As Aunty Sue said, “We’re STARS! We’re on national TV.” Super cool and fantastic indeed!



It was fun to have that wonderful outing with you, Aunty Christine!
Thanks a lot for bringing the three of us along. I enjoyed myself =)

God Bless!

Jonny putraxotic said...

Thank you for being so sporting, during the interview, and for catching the Life!session on monday.
much love from Jonathan Putra [JP]

DoctorCabokia said...

Hi JP, What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for dropping by. We will be delighted to go for another inteview. :)