Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Truth is Revealed?

Poor Jordan! We haven’t been feeding him enough. That’s probably why he has been getting up at 4 or 5 am in the morning. On Monday, we found out from the babysitter that his usual feed is 10 scoops of milk powder, which means, he takes up to 10 oz of milk! And we are only giving him 8 oz during the day and 9 oz at night. The truth is revealed! The parents are to be blamed. Baby Jordan is innocent. Is this the truth? Unfortunately, it’s not. On Monday night, we gave him 10 oz. He woke up suddenly at around 2:30 pm, and cried for attention. So, I carried him from his cot to sleep with us. He slept until around 6:30 am yesterday morning.

This morning was worse. He woke up at 3 am! Drank 4 oz of water and refused to sleep. He cried out loudly at about 3:40 am. We thought that he was hungry. So, I made 9 oz of milk for him, but he finished only 5 oz. Still didn’t want to sleep. He just moved non-stop on our bed. Seng Chor and I had to watch out for him. We think that he’s going to fall off the bed one of these days. He knows how to climb down the bed, but he could have lost his balance and fall. He got scolded and smacked by Seng Chor a few times this morning. Poor fellow! Poor us! He was actually tired but just didn’t want to lie down still and sleep. When Seng Chor carried him to car, he slept straightaway. He was still sleeping when Seng Chor left the babysitter’s place this morning.

What is going to happen tonight? Ahem…Seng Chor and I decided to go for a movie and leave him at the babysitter overnight. Hopefully, he will be ok there and sleep well the whole night. The movie – Night at the Museum, at Cineleisure @ The Curve. It will be our first time watching movie there. We are actually going there with Kenny, Yoke Kheng, my brother and his friend. Hope to get a rest tonight. :)

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