Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jordan – Month 12

My little one tries to lift all kinds of objects without judging their size, or his relative strength. He loves listening to rhythmical sounds, so I try dancing with him and moving to the beat. He mimics the actions of those around him and engages in “grown up” play by copying me and any other adults. He is fascinated with boxes and jars and loves to empty objects and then put them back. I should give him special boxes for favorite items and introduce him to the concept of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ and ‘empty’ and ‘full’.

Gross motor skills
He dislikes being restrained and will want to move about freely, using his new confidence and mobility. He stands on his own for very short periods without support and leans forward to pick up objects while holding on with his other hand. He dances to music and climbs up low steps or ledges. He will try to lift heavier items, some which are still much too big for him.

Fine Motor Skills
He tries to manipulate any button, switch, and handle or dial that he finds, and picks up small items using his thumb and index finger. He can place small objects into a container and retrieve them, and continues to improve his accuracy when using a shape sorter. He grasps several objects in one hand with ease. He is learning how to build small towers using blocks.

He tries to sing and will listen when I sing to him or read nursery rhymes and jingles. He attempts new words to add to his vocabulary.

He loves people watching him and praising his actions. He demands personal attention whenever he sees me. He does not fear strangers and adjusts well when being left alone with familiar people. He is able to recognize that people have different personalities and preferences, including what they like and dislike, and is realizing that I am separate to him and have my own adult activities.

His brain is developing and he is moving from mimicking to inventing new actions that he has not seen before. He uses trial-and-error to solve problems and willinvestigate objects in thorough detail, emptying containers, rubbish bins, handbags, drawers and shelves to find new objects and see the cause and effect of his actions. He is beginning to understand “up” and “down” and the concept of gravity. He needs less sleep and fights tiredness. His memory is developing and he can recall events that happened several hours or a day earlier.

What Jordan enjoys
Jordan enjoys discovering new things that enable him to coordinate his actions, such as catching a ball, and dancing to music. He loves being independent so I should encourage him to ask for what he wants and to help me to feed and dress him.

How can I help him

  • Get him to catch a ball and throw it back to me.

  • If there are other children, get them play with him and encourage him to share his toys.

  • Place lots of different objects in a small box and get him to remove each object one by one and then return them to the box.

  • Encourage him to communicate with me when he wants something and then I can repeat what he has told me.

  • Play music and sing and dance together.

  • Introduce new commands and actions and repeat them to him often. (i.e. Give mummy the ball, lift your leg, arms up, etc).

  • When he is playing on his own or with people, make sure he can still see me.

  • Take him outside and introduce him to new environments and people.

(Adapted from youngnutrition.net)

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