Monday, January 22, 2007


Cold is better than hot. Milo always tastes better from the Milo truck. Nescafe always tastes better from the Nescafe truck as well. Sample food and drinks always seem to taste better at the supermarket/hypermarket. Free food always tastes better. :p. It’s always better to stay at home.

I feel better today. :) I’m still under medication. Taking the antibiotics for 5 days. Got a new cough mixture as well. My throat was inflamed. Now, the pain is slowly going away. According to the doctor, my throat got infected by a different bacterium before the first infection was completely healed. That’s why the medication was not effective. Furthermore, due to my classes, I was not able to rest my voice.

More importantly, Jordan is also sleeping better. He still wants to sleep on our bed. But for the last 2 nights, we let him complained for awhile in his cot until he was too tired and slept on his own. We didn’t need to use ear plugs. We were too tired ourselves to entertain him.

Things are looking better for the Teohs.

Thanks to all the prayers!

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