Friday, January 05, 2007

Featured in Her World – Jan 2007

Guess what, I did a photo shoot for Her World magazine last October 2006. The shooting was for the Christmas/New Year wish – “When I wish upon a star…” It was supposed to be for the December 2006 issue. Ok, how/why did they contact me? The person in-charge of the photo shoot and the article is the sister of one of my ex-students. She had to feature a lecturer, so she called me.

The shooting was not easy. I went to the studio in the afternoon at Mutiara Damansara. The make-up artist and hairstylist (same person - a girl) was waiting for me. She put on my make-up first. Because I got only single eye-lid, the eye-liner has to be thicker. Otherwise, one cannot see the make-up during the photo shoot. She gave me pink rouge. After that, she curled my hair in layers. Next, I got to put on this sexy black dress. Then, the photo shoot began. Oh boy! I think I had about 20 shots or more. I had to pretend that I was blowing these little stars off my hand. First, I tried with one hand – left/right, then both hands, then one hand at the back. Lift my eyes and chin up. Smile and be as natural as I could. I was a bit nervous and tense. I was sweating. In between the shots, the girl would come over and touch up my make up and hair. Wow! I felt like a movie star. Hee! Hee! They tried to help me relax and asked me to imagine as if I am blowing kisses to Seng Chor. I had to try to jump up and blow. At the same time, I need to remember to smile and straighten my back.

I really admire those models. Not easy indeed. Some people can probably find it really easy to pose, but I just couldn't relax. Finally, they had a few nice shots. Phew! The whole thing took 2 hours - make-up, hair and photo shoot.

Last December, I went to MPH, hoping to see my photo in the Her World, December 2006. It was on my birthday. Flipped through the magazine. Passed to Seng Chor to find again. But none. I was disappointed and thought that the photo would not be published. Seng Chor even suggested that I call the writer to check. I declined because I didn’t want to sound desperate. Hee! Hee! So, I chose to wait until January. I checked the magazine stall almost every time I passed one. And finally, my dream came true. It was on Friday, 29 December 2006. I was buying a birthday gift for my sister at a bookshop. As I was leaving the shop, I took a glance at the magazines shelf. Whallah! I saw a different cover on the magazine – The January issue is out! I quickly walked over to it. Then, asked the salesgirl’s permission to unwrap the magazine to check. And, after a few flips, I saw my photo in it! Wow! I was so excited. I surprised my mum with the photo that night.

Here are some snapshots of the Her World magazine with my photo:

When I wish upon a star…
Five Malaysian women share their wishes for the new year…

The magazine cover.

Page 132. When I wish upon a star...

Page 133. Can you recognise me?

That's me!

“Children are so adorable and precious, and they represent the future. I hope all children can find love and joy in their families. For me, I wish for another baby brother or a sister for my son.”


Text & Coordination HUI PING
Art Direction YEN HOON
Styling YI HWA
Outfits FOREVER 21 and EGETE


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Wah ... kau kau posing.

Good one Christine.

God bless you.

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Haha, nice pic. Congrats ;)