Monday, June 16, 2008


How’s my appetite nowadays?

  • Poor, bad, unique, choosy, expensive taste

  • Prefer soupy stuff – noodle soup, steamed soup, pumpkin soup

  • Love fruits and green salad

  • Hate oily or fried stuff

  • Prefer not too sweet and not too salty

  • Sour stuff is definitely out

  • Prefer cold drinks (I used to take hot drink all the time – no ice)

  • Love strawberry ice cream

  • Not keen on junk food or even chocolates

  • Love California Roll and Miso soup

  • Love Beef noodle from Vietnam Kitchen

  • Love Swedish meatballs from Ikea

What could I eat for breakfast?

  • Nasi lemak – must be from Panadero Bakery at Centerpoint

  • Roti bakar (Toast bread with Kaya and butter)

  • Chee Cheong Fun only (without the extra stuffs)

  • Hot cakes from McDonald’s

I still can’t really eat much. I can’t eat the canteen food at all except the Maggi mee soup which is not really healthy. At times, I could only manage a bowl of soup and some salad. I feel that the baby is a girl. Girls are normally pickier with food. Hehehe!

So far, I have vomited twice – once in the morning (9 June) and the second one at night (13 June). I think the amount I vomited is much more than the 5 or 7 times vomiting when I had Jordan. I don’t remember feeling this bad with Jordan. I remember having difficulty eating the caterer’s food for dinner. I am still having problems with the catered food. But other than dinner time, I ate well when I had Jordan. After the first 3 months with Jordan, I felt normal. That’s probably why I put on a lot of weight that time.

I hardly touch the caterer’s food. So, every night, I had to think of what to eat. Occasionally, the food that I ate the previous night or day may not be edible to me the next day. On one weekend, Seng Chor had to eat 2 meals – mine and his. Even one look of the bowl of noodle soup made me want to vomit. Seng Chor would probably put on more weight during my second pregnancy. Anyway, he is also burning up more fats by taking care of Jordan.

Actually, I have been controlling myself every day and night. Otherwise, I would be vomiting day and night. Seriously! I hope that this is only for the first trimester. I feel hungry most of the time but I just don’t have the appetite to eat.

Ma, I want to drink soup!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cabokia, mum's glad you are yearning for soup at least. Let me know what soups you'd like in Aug 08 when you are back home. Shall start planning for it. Take greatest care. Ma