Thursday, June 12, 2008

God’s Love, Our Passion

That was the theme for our church camp this year.

The venue – Harvest Haven
It’s awesome – truly beautiful. It’s like a big bungalow. There is a swimming pool and basketball court. It is surrounded by Oil Palm trees. We were like one big family staying under one roof. I love the place because everything was nearby. This is the first time I didn’t have to carry Jordan’s backpack wherever I go.

Harvest Haven is situated in Gopeng, about 45 minutes from Ipoh. As you go through the estate, you’ll have to ‘brave’ through cow dung on the road. On the first day, we took the wrong road because we turned to the left earlier. Actually, Harvest Haven is just in front, less than 5 minutes away. But because of the wrong turning, it took us about 10 minutes and the road was filled with cow dung! It was a terrible journey. The correct and shorter path has less cow dung.

We invited Pastor Aow and his wife, Sister Mei from Singapore as the camp speakers. This was the first camp that I could sit through and listen attentively to all the messages. Thank God. I enjoyed all the messages. They spoke on 5 Ps – Passion, Purity, Purpose, People and Power.

In her message, Sister Mei used the word F.I.R.E to explain Passion.

F = Focus
I = Impact
R = Real
E = Energy

Then, when she spoke on Purpose, she used the word G.O.A.L.S to illustrate our purpose.

G = Grow
O = Obey
A = Abide
L = Live
S = Serve

I love their style – simple, straightforward and yet challenging. For every point they raised, they would share a testimony. They shared their lives with us. It brings more meaning and practicality to the message.

I thank God that I experienced healing during the camp. Before the prayer for healing, I had difficulty sleeping after my toilet break(s) at night. After the prayer on Saturday, I had a good sleep that night. I am still sleeping well until today. The other thing that I asked for is to have a good appetite. It’s still pretty bad. I will blog about this separately. The word that I received during the camp is “inner joy”. I believed that God wants to restore inner joy in me as I serve Him and also as a mother.

There are 3 things in this camp that I find different from previous camps:
i) 4 messages instead of 5
ii) No fun night but just games. So, no showing off of acting skills.
iii) No sharing by all the campers on the last day. Instead, we had a quiz and a summary by Elder Chris.

Yes, I can say that I was blessed during the camp.

(I will post the speakers’ slides in my Growth Group blog – Beit Parach soon.)

Scenes from Harvest Haven

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