Monday, June 02, 2008

Second Checkup – Heartbeat detected!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

It was a rather quick checkup. The appointment was at 9:30 am. We arrived before that. There was a lady with her husband waiting there already. The gynecologist was in the ward. I think we waited until 10 am.

Before meeting the gynecologist, my weight was checked. I lost a little bit of weight! I felt happy actually. I hope not to gain too much weight. I gained about 20 kg when I had Jordan. Amazing, eh? I really can’t remember how I gained so much weight. I don’t remember eating that much. Hahaha!

When it was my turn, we (Seng Chor, Jordan and I) all went in. I think this is the first or second time the gynecologist saw Jordan after delivering him 2 and half years ago. The gynecologist asked whether Jordan is a good boy or not. We replied okay. We didn’t really chat as much as the last visit. I told him that I will be going to Ipoh for church camp. He asked me to take care.

During the procedure, we showed Jordan the baby through the ultrasound. We saw and heard the tiny heartbeat. Praise the Lord! It was soft. My mum reckoned that it is a girl. Hehehe! I am hoping for a baby girl this time.

The consultation and procedure took less than 15 minutes. I don’t need to take anymore Duphaston, just continue with the Folic Acid. My next checkup is 3 weeks later – 21 June. I can’t wait to see the baby’s features. We should be able to see the baby’s main features by then – head, hands and legs.

We arrived home around 10:30 am, and prepared to leave for our family church camp at Gopeng.

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