Friday, February 02, 2007

Successful Training

Seng Chor did it! He has successful trained Jordan to sleep in his cot immediately after his night milk. Well…after enduring one week of butt smacking, Jordan has finally returned to his usual sleeping pattern. He now sleeps from 10 pm+ until 7 am+ the next morning. And most importantly, he sleeps in his cot. He could have slept longer. But we had to wake him up every morning to send him to the babysitter. Poor Jordan!

Before the butt smacking, Seng Chor and I suffered for almost a month. Hey! We are not torturing him. His butts are protected by Mamy Poko diapers – quite thick. I have told Seng Chor this – “You can hit anywhere but his face or head.” Buttocks are ok. More flesh, and the pain can go off quite quickly. Too bad that Seng Chor has to play the role of the ‘bad’ parent most of the time. I have hit Jordan before. I have scolded him loudly before as well. After that, I will give him lots of hugs and kisses. Hee! Hee!

Seng Chor and I have been Jordan’s hairstylist since his birth. Hmm…quite proud of it actually. It normally takes a few haircut sessions to improve the style. Not an easy task as Jordan keeps on moving. Yesterday, I nearly cut off his flesh at the back! Seng Chor managed to straighten his fringe. I cut his side burns. Still need another session to touch up.

Jordan went on a diet yesterday. He didn’t finish his milk. He ate more porridge than last Saturday. Finished half of the cereal during lunch but he rejected the cereal at night. He drank only about 6 oz out of 9 oz of milk at night. We wonder why. According to Aunty Sue, it’s ok for him to behave like that once in awhile – he has reserves. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Before Haircut

After haircut

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