Monday, April 14, 2008

Black Saturday

Saturday, 12 April 2008 was a black Saturday.

A series of events happened last Saturday:

  1. Jordan fell from our bed – head down. He cried for a few minutes. I soothed him with the song “Rock-a-Bye Baby”. After awhile, he asked for milk and watched his Thomas and Friends VCD. There was a little bump at the back of his head. Poor boy!

  2. It was about 4:45 pm. I have packed my stuff ready for my swimming lesson. Unfortunately, it rained and I made a decision that I regretted. The rain stopped before 5:30 pm but it was too late for me to go because we were having a birthday celebration at night. I felt so sad and I cried. My heart felt really heavy at the same time.

  3. 7 pm+. We were at Roy and Selvi’s house for our Growth Group birthday celebration. My sister called – her car met with an accident in Sunway. The front left side of the car was badly damaged – light and part of the bumper were gone. She had a dance competition the next day, and it is just so unfortunate that this accident had to happen. We both cried.

  4. Two incidents happened at Roy and Selvi’s house:

    • Seng Chor dropped a bottle of cordial onto the floor because its handle suddenly fell off. Lukki had to mop the floor.

    • Seng Chor slipped and fell down as he was coming out from the toilet. He was carrying Jordan. He hurt his left leg a bit. Jordan got a shock, and he cried for me but I didn’t hear him immediately. He wouldn’t let Seng Chor get up and kept calling for me. Seng Chor got up. I couldn’t remember he came out to look for me or I eventually heard Jordan calling me. Jordan was upset with Seng Chor and tried to push him down as I went into the room. We’re just glad that Jordan didn’t knock his head again, but somehow, it left a mark in Jordan. The next day, whenever Seng Chor lies down, Jordan would call him and ask him to get up. He requested Seng Chor to carry him a few times. It’s rather rare for Jordan to ask Seng Chor to carry him. Hopefully, Jordan will get over this episode soon.

My heart felt really heavy throughout the evening and night. Selvi asked me to read Ephesians 6:10-18 on The Armor of God aloud. I did. I also read Psalm 91 and prayed for protection for my whole family. My heart was still feeling heavy when I went to bed.

The next day, I shared with my Growth Group members what happened, and that the heaviness was still there. I felt that as if something worse is going to happen. Dolly, Selvi and Sue prayed for me. What God revealed….

• His plans for me are to prosper me and not to harm me.
• Focus on God.
• Look to God and not on the circumstances.
• God is doing some sifting in me so that I can move forward with Him.
• Ask what and not why.

The following verses were also shared during the open worship, and my heart was ministered.

Psalm 42
Psalm 42:1
As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, O God.

Psalm 42:11
Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God.

Matthew 11:28
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Praise the Lord that I feel much better this morning. My heart feels lighter. I’m proud to share that my sister won second prize in the dance competition for both solo and group. The whole family is proud of her and we will help her get through this difficult time.

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