Thursday, April 17, 2008

I miss blogging

From the number of postings in my blog for the past few days, you can probably guess how much I miss blogging. Yup, I miss blogging a lot. In the past, I have blogged about the joy of blogging. It was written in the early stages of my blogging passion in 2006.

Since August 2007, I have been really busy with my lectures. For this academic year, I teach 3 modules – Software Design and Implementation 1 (C++), Computational Intelligence (Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Bayesian) and Java Programming.

This is the first time I am teaching the first portion of the C++ module for the Year 1. In the past, I teach only the second half. So, I had to prepare all the slides. Previously, I used Overhead Projector (OHP). But now, everything is on PowerPoint, and I use the Multimedia Projector for all my lectures.

Computational Intelligence module is in the Final Year. Being a Final Year module, it is not easy to teach. It was previously known as Soft Computing which I taught last year. This year, new topics were added. So, I need to read more. This includes research papers. It reminded me of the research papers that I had to read for my PhD which is rather stressful. Thankfully, all the slides were already prepared by the partner University. I still need to supplement the materials to improve student’s understanding.

I spent most of the time preparing for the Java module which is taught in the Foundation programme. I even had to take my work home and prepare slides and solution to the exercises. I have not been taking work home for a long time. It wasn’t easy with Jordan bugging me every now and then. Most of the time, I had to prepare after he has gone to bed. I typed out almost all the sample programs in the textbook. I tried to get the Instructor’s Manual but failed. Anyway, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to brush up my Java skills again. The next round will be much easier.

The end of the academic year is approaching soon. The Year 1 students will be having their exams on the first week May. I have completed the revision with them. They are now struggling with the assignment. I have 3 more topics to cover in Computational Intelligence. I have completed all the topics in Java. Now, its assignment completion time and revision all the way until end of April. Phew!

After April, marking starts!!! I also need to compile all the results and prepare reports. Of course, in between, I will continue to pursue some of the things that I have neglected – especially my blogs (with an ‘s’). I am actually maintaining 5 blogs. Hahaha!


jinghan said...

hey dr.christine... thanks for teaching us patiently n v did enjoy ur lecture!! u r 100% a good lecturer in KBU... v appreciate tat n... good luck ya!! =)

DoctorCabokia said...

Wow! Thank you for the encouragement. I enjoyed teaching your class too. :)