Monday, April 07, 2008

BSE 1I - May and August 2007 Intake

Where's Lien Chai?

Back row (Left to Right): Lien Chai, Jason, Juh Jou, Parthiban, GJ, Thiam Ling (Yellow), Pravin.
Front Row: HaiFeng, Yi Hoong, Dr Cabokia, JingHan, Yen Ping, Merusha.

This bunch of interesting 'monkeys' will be completing their First Year in May 2008.
I teach them C++ programming. Most probably, I won't be teaching them again until their Final Year in October 2009.
Two of them are from Sri Lanka, one from Brunei, one from China and the rest are Malaysians.
I enjoy teaching the class - good class dynamic, interactive, responsive and willing to learn.

All the best to them as they face the coming exams.
(Tuesday, 1 April 2008)

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