Monday, September 18, 2006

People in the Congratulatory Message

Some of you have asked me who's who in the Congratulatory message.
Let me give a brief description...

Obviously, Mr & Mrs Peter Lee Hock Yin are my parents. :)

Datuk & Datin Kuleong C. Mopilin - close family friend; business associate of my Dad
Mr & Mrs Teoh Teik Wah - my in-laws
Mr & Mrs Peter Henry Chin - my uncle (mum's eldest brother) + aunty
Mr & Mrs Danny Vincent Dass - my sis-in-law and hubby
Miss Teoh Li San - my sis-in-law (Seng Chor's youngest sister)
Miss Agatha Liew - my ex-schoolmate
Miss Jenny Ng - my ex-University mate
Mr & Mrs Lee Fook Fu - my uncle (dad's younger brother) + aunty
Mr & Mrs George Voo Thau Kiong - my aunty (dad's younger sister) + uncle
Mr & Mrs David Chung Tin Chau - close family friend; parents of my brother's girlfriend
Mr & Mrs Khung Kok Vui - my mum's good friend (Aunty Ruby + hubby)
Madam Han Len Foon - close family friend; mum's ex-College mate
Miss Justene Loh Siok Yee - Aunty Len Foon's daughter
John Dingon & Josephine Yong - my ex-schoolmate and her hubby
Mr & Mrs David Fong Chee Yaw - Aunty Monica (mum's youngest sister) + uncle
Mr & Mrs Daniel Chong Jan Fah - Aunty Mary (mum's younger sister) + uncle
Dr Flora Chong Li Tze - my cousin (daughter of Aunty Mary); a medical doctor

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