Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jordan and His Beloved

Ahem! His beloved is not the opposite sex. I think he has no special interest in girls yet. Ha! Ha! Ha! His beloved is the Walker. He wants to be carried less. He doesn't like to be confined to his playpen or his cot long. But once you put him onto the walker, he goes wild. Smiling away as he zooms all over the living room. He's unstoppable. I got bang by him a few times. It's painful.

It's true that as babies grow older, they are more difficult to handle. In the first 3 months, they can't do much but just lie still on the bed. Occasionally (or frequently), they cry for attention. But the parents are more in control. They may start to flip after that. So, we have to make sure that they don't suffocate themselves. Then, the next stage is the crawling and climbing stage. Now, parents are losing their control of the baby. It gets worse when they start to walk. They want to touch everything they see. Seng Chor and I are going through this stage with Jordan at the moment. He is not walking yet but he wants to be on the walker. So, we need to create a safe environment for him to explore. We also need to constantly keep our eyes on him to make sure that he doesn't pull or pick up things to put into his mouth or create a tsunami. We need more energy / strength / stamina to keep up with his active lifestyle now. Well...I do need to lose some weight. So, it is a good exercise for me. Hee! Hee! Hee! According to 'experts', enjoy this stage while you still can because it will not last long. In the blink of an eye, they will reach their teens, and that's when they become out of control.


thewallah said...

Time for SC and you to give away the Playstation 2 to ME!!!

DoctorCabokia said... for Jordan to learn how to play with the Playstation. hahaha!