Monday, September 11, 2006

6th Wedding Anniversary

9 September 2000 - Seng Chor and I exchanged our marriage vows at PJ Gospel Hall. It was a Saturday afternoon.

This year, 9 September also falls on a Saturday. We have just celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary. Every year, my parents are the first people to greet us through sms. This year their message reads...
"Dr Cabo, Seng Chor, 'Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary'. Have a wonderful day! God bless both of u n little Jordan now n forever more. Affectionately, Pa n ma."
07:48:30 am
Indeed, this year we have more reasons to celebrate - PhD award and Little Jordan. Every year, Seng Chor plans for the anniversary. The grandest so far is in 2004 - 4th Wedding anniversary. He booked a Junior suite at Prince Hotel, and we had fine dining at a restaurant called Top Hat. I ordered a seafood platter which included a tiny lobster. I really enjoyed the dinner. Oh, for breakfast, he took me to Imbi for my favorite roti bakar and half boiled egg. One more thing, it was the first time, we sent each other flowers! The bouquet was delivered to our respective workplace. Of course, we didn't plan this with each other. It was a wonderful surprise indeed. Hmm....his bouquet for me was much more impressive. Hee! Hee!
Because I enjoyed Top Hat so much, we went back there again last year to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately, there was no seafood platter in the menu. I couldn't even remember what I ordered. So, not so yummy. Nothing special happened.
For this year, he did make some plans - book a room at Prince Hotel and have our dinner there. But in the end, he decided to save that for my birthday (Hmm...not sure why). So, because of the changed of plans, he suggested taking Jordan for a swim at Nai Kyn and Yoke Teen's condo. But (again), he was too tired to get up and I had to send an sms to Yoke Teen to cancel. Why was he so tired? He watched TV the whole night and only came to bed at dawn! Of course, got scolding from me after that. I was really disappointed. If Jordan knew, he would be disappointed too. Not a happy note to start the anniversary. Well...he didn't wake up very late. He wanted to buy me breakfast but I didn't feel like eating much that morning.
Because of the changed of plans (no dinner at Prince Hotel), I suggested going to D'fisherman for my favorite seafood - lobster. Well...something else happened. We got a call from Yoke Kheng inviting us to join them (Kenny and Kevin) for dinner. They forgotten that it is our anniversary. Seng Chor passed the baton to me for decision. Since we don't get such invitations often, I decided to join them and postpone our lobster dinner to the next day. We ended up having dinner behind Sunway Mas Damansara at a restaurant called Delighted Kitchen. Quite a delightful dinner. Good fellowship, and 'entertainment' from Jordan. So, this is the first time we spent our anniversary with friends.
My lobster dinner came true last night. It was not at D'fisherman though. We went there and found that the restaurant is no more there! Shocking, eh? Next choice - Pantai Seafood Restaurant. It was packed. They have extended the place - another level of dining area. The last time we went was to celebrate my birthday. That was memorable because my parents were here to celebrate it with me before the birth of Jordan. Seng Chor proposed this place earlier on but to me it is not a romantic place to celebrate anniversary. Anyway, we got our table at the top level. We ordered 3 dishes - salad lobster from Australia, noodle and celery. The celery arrived first. When the salad lobster came, I could see heads turning to our table, looking at us with awe. Two people and a baby eating one lobster! Though the ambience was far from my expectation, I enjoyed the lobster tremendously. The taste is indescribable. So juicy and yummy. I'll probably have to wait another year before I can eat such meal again. :)
During the dinner, Jordan was quite a handful. We had to take turns to carry him. We didn't offer him any lobster. Just few drops of orange juice. Hee! Hee! Guess who sponsored part of the bill? It's Jordan! Well...the bill was almost as much as his collection of ang pow from Penang. So, we let him pay for it. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Thanks Jordan, love Daddy and Mummy.


Ken said...

Hmm, Jordan could have problems with this post by the time he can read. Haha.

Sounds yummy though.

God bless you.

Kinson said...

Great...its 8.47 in the morning, and you've got me drooling with nothing to eat :'(

I wanna eat lobster too. Happy aniversary btw :D

And might wanna hide this post from Jordan in the future :p

Li Wen