Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Penang with a Difference

We're back!

We (Seng Chor, Jordan and I) left for Penang on Wednesday (30/8/06) night, and arrived there past midnight. On the way, we saw fireworks - it was a beautiful sight. It reminds me of the spectacular fireworks that Seng Chor and I saw in Disneyland, Hong Kong.

On arrival, we were warmly greeted by the whole family - my parents-in-laws, sister-in-law Li San, sister-in-law Huey Pin & her husband Danny, and of course, our adorable nephew Jeffrey (previously known as Preston). Jordan was happy to see them. All of them took turns to carry him. It was not a surprise to me that he was comfortable with all of them They were quite surprise, because at this age, babies are normally quite sticky because they can recognise people.

The next day, which is Merdeka Day, the whole family (9 of us) went to Penang Island. We walked around in Prangin Mall. Finally, went to Starbucks Coffee.

Friday was visitation day. Baby Jeffrey has just turned one month old. So, 6 of us (Seng Chor, myself, ma-in-law, Huey Pin and the 2 babies) went round the relatives' home to distribute full moon gift packs. Jordan will share the details of the visitation in his blog.

Saturday was visitation day as well. This time is for Danny's relatives in Penang Island. One of his relatives gave us a wonderful durian treat. Yummy! This time, we didn't offer it to Jordan. After that, we went to town. One of the shops we visited was Hobi-Sports to see diving gear. Ironically, Seng Chor didn't buy anything but I bought. It was what I have always wanted - an army Swiss knife with scissors. Yeah!

On Sunday morning, we had dim sum in Penang Island with Uncle Tong, Xian Ko (pa-in-law's youngest sister) and their son Ming Wei. Before returning Butterworth, we visited their home. After lunch at home, Seng Chor, Jordan, Li San and parents-in-law went to Carrefour. We left for Bandar Utama after dinner around 7 pm.

Overall, I had a good time - did a bit of shopping, had my favorite fruit, visited relatives, enjoyed ma-in-law's cooking. Most thankfully, Jordan slept through the whole night every night in Penang. He must be really tired after being out the whole day. One significant thing that I did was to pray for the relatives as I carry the presence of God into each home. May God bless them. May they called upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

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