Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eight Mobile Phones

I got my first mobile phone in 1995. It was a Motorola, bought by my Dad. It's black, extremely tough, bulky, heavy. Only used to call and receive calls. Can be used as a weapon - seriously. Used for about 1 - 2 years. (No photo to show)

Below is my second mobile phone - Nokia 6150
• Weight: 141g (Slim 900mAh Li-Ion battery)
• Measurement: 129mm x 47mm x 28mm
Very slim as compared to my first mobile phone. Not many features as well. Bought it at Sungei Wang Plaza together with Seng Chor.

The next one is one of my favourite mobile phones - It's a Sony. Bought it during our honeymoon in Singapore - 2000. It has a jog dial at the side which enables you to scroll and select. I used it for 4 years until the battery went dead suddenly. :(

My 4th wedding anniversary gift is extremely elegant - my first colour phone - Sagem (myC-3b). It has a mirror too. Not very user friendly though. I love the design and the colour - red. On the same year, I applied for a KL mobile number - free access fee. So, Seng Chor bought me another phone. The name of the brand is Sonata (no picture). It is the smallest but lousiest phone that we ever had. It has colour but you can't search for a contact when sending sms. Terrible, right? It's really compact but too bad the features are lousy.

Ok...I bear with the Sonata for awhile until Seng Chor won this Nokia 2650 at his Company annual dinner. Cool, eh? At first, I had difficulty pressing the buttons. Gradually, the 'sickness' disappeared and the phone served its purpose well.

Now, the next one is a beauty too - LG KG320 aka Chocolate Bar (picture below) - my first camera phone. Initially, I used it for my KL number. After using the number for 2 years, Maxis started to charge me the access fee. So, we terminated the line, and I transferred my KK (Sabah) number to this phone. Disaster strikes! The SIM card and the phone are not compatible. We made enquiries at Celcom twice and also at the LG service centre but nothing could be done. :( The lesson here is - never buy an LG mobile phone! Now, Seng Chor has the privilege of using this phone. It was supposed to be my 6th wedding anniversary and graduation gift. *sigh*

Ahem...drum roll, please for the next one...my latest and current mobile phone...

It's a Nokia 6233. At a glance...

  • A stylish 3G phone with a high-quality stainless steel finish

  • High-quality surround sound through stereo speakers

  • Video, MP3, eAAC+, and True Tones for an enhanced audio experience

  • Supports video sharing - share live moments with family and friends!

  • 2 megapixel camera with 8x smooth, digital zoom - all in landscape mode on a large QVGA display

  • Easy, over-the-air synchronization between phone and your PC to keep you updated

Now, for the first time, I got the coolest mobile phone in my family. And the best is - it's FREE. Here's the story...it was given to Seng Chor by his god-sister who is working in Singapore. She gets free mobile phone every year from SingTel (Singapore Telco) for using the land line. This is how they encouraged people to apply for land line (fixed line) instead of just using mobile phone. It's an excellent marketing gimmick, indeed. So, it's farewell to LG, and Hello Nokia.

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