Thursday, September 14, 2006

Congratulatory Message

Yesterday (13 September 2006), a congratulatory message for my PhD award was published in the Express Women's Day Special of the Daily Express (a local newspaper in Sabah).

This is the content of the message:

Heartiest Congratulations
Mr & Mrs Peter Lee Hock Yin
on the occasion of their eldest daughter
being conferred the Degree of Doctor of Philosopy
by the
Faculty of Computer Science
& Information Technology
on 8th August 2006
Datuk & Datin Kuleong C. Mopilin
Mr & Mrs Teoh Teik Wah
Mr & Mrs Peter Henry Chin
Mr & Mrs Danny Vincent Dass
Miss Teoh Li San
Miss Agatha Liew
Miss Jenny Ng
Mr & Mrs Lee Fook Fu
Mr & Mrs George Voo Thau Kiong
Mr & Mrs David Chung Tin Chau
Mr & Mrs Khung Kok Vui
Madam Han Len Foon
Miss Justene Loh Siok Yee
John Dingon & Josephine Yong
Mr & Mrs David Fong Chee Yaw
Mr & Mrs Daniel Chong Jan Fah
Dr Flora Chong Li Tze

What an honour! A photo of me shaking hands with the UM Chancellor - Sultan of Perak was inserted in the message. My article on my PhD learning experience was also published on the same day. I didn't realise that the article was more than half a page long! Because of that, the publisher had to reduce the size of other people's photos (oops!). A photo of me wearing my gown and carrying Jordan was also included - Dr Christine with her eight-month-old Jordan. I am over the moon at this publication. I hope to inspire other women through my experience.

Praise the Lord!


Kinson said...

Congrats ! :D

Btw, you should scan that article and post it online :)

Ken said...

Wow, such an honour.

This calls for a celebrationlah.

God bless you.