Thursday, September 21, 2006

One more week of 'Freedom'

One more week and all my students will be back. The Year 2 and 3 will commence on Monday, 2 October 2006. This academic year, I have 3 modules to teach:

Year 3
1) Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing
Content: Turing Machine, Symbol Grounding, Expert Systems, etc
2) Soft Computing
Content: Fuzzy Logic, Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm

Year 1
1) Software Design and Implementation 1
Content: C++ Programming Language

What have I been doing for the past 2 months?

  • Blogging (of course)

  • MSN

  • Email

  • Preparing Lectures

  • Administrative Work - writing reports, meetings

Blogging and MSN time will be very much reduced soon. :(

One interesting thing about this job is that I get to meet different batch of students every year. It's a joy to see them graduate. Of course, I get all sorts of students - smart/weak, hardworking/lazy, motivated/I-don't-bother attitude, etc, etc. Dealing with them is a challenge. Need much TLC (Tender Loving Care). Not too much. Just enough to earn their respect. :)

Yup, one more week to recharge for another new beginning.

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Kinson said...

Nice dedicated lecturers are hard to come by in colleges nowadays. I had good ones, and horrible ones who didn't care.

Glad yer one of the good ones. It makes a great bit of difference from a student's point of view :D

Li Wen