Thursday, September 14, 2006

How can I help Jordan

My precious Jordan Teoh Shang Xian is already 9 months old!

How can I help him to develop:
  • Place him at one end of the room and get him to crawl towards me.
  • Create a tunnel that he can crawl through by seeing me at the other end.
  • Give him old newspapers and tissue paper that he can tear up.
  • Roll a ball to him and get him to roll it back to me.
  • Give him a small box that he can climb in and out of.
  • Help him use simple puzzles where he can fit the pieces together.
  • Play interactive games like “ring a ring a roses” and “row, row, row your boat”.
  • Place a toy behind him and encourage him to twist around and reach for the toy.
  • Support him so he can walk with my help.
  • Show him family photos and name each person.
  • Read to him and point out the pictures.
  • Give him toys that he can dress and undress.
  • Ask him to share his toys and food with me, and reward him when he does so.
  • Continue to name everything that he encounters and repeat the words often.

Jordan's emotions:

He will show his moods and will make facial expressions appropriate to how he is feeling, such as looking hurt, angry, happy, and excited. As his awareness of himself grows he begins to recognize differences between girls and boys. He is also becoming aware of what is socially acceptable and unacceptable through the praise and reprimands that he receives, and he adjusts his behavior accordingly.

He is sensitive to the responses received by other children and may express jealously or annoyance if he is ignored. He becomes possessive, getting angry if you take it from him without asking.

What Jordan enjoys:

He enjoys playing with his bath toys in the bath tub. Of course, he enjoys splashing water during bath.

He enjoys the moments when we carry him up or down the stairs. He would laugh loudly and excitedly.

He enjoys rubbing his face against a cloth - napkin/blanket/shirt.

He automatically sucks his thumb before sleep and before his milk.

The thing he enjoys most is biting his toys or any other objects that he can grab hold of. We noticed that he likes to bite labels. Funny habit. He also likes to crumple plastic bags. Maybe he likes to hear the sound.

For his age, he is rather sociable. Just like the Daddy. Very friendly. Smiles to anyone, and anyone can carry him away. Good and bad. So, we need to be extra careful when shopping. He may just follow anyone home. I know that some of you would probably love to take him home. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Happy 'birthday' to my precious surprise Gift from God!

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