Monday, September 03, 2007

Surprised by Jordan

I’m so amazed by Jordan. He did 2 things that amazed me recently…

1) He wore pants by himself!
(Sunday night, 26 August 2007)

After changing his diaper, I didn’t wear the pants for him. I left the pants on the floor. Suddenly, I saw him wearing the pants, and I was surprised. No one saw it. I asked Seng Chor, my sister and brother who were around whether they wore it for him. They didn’t. Alex was watching tv next to Jordan, Seng Chor was at the computer and Eva was in the Computer Room. We didn't know when he wore it. Later, I checked his pants and realized that the back of the pants was only worn half way up – that kind of confirmed that he wore it himself. Amazing!

Last Saturday, 1 September 2007, he demonstrated how he wore his pants. I didn’t intend to test him. I just left his pants on the floor after changing him. Seng Chor and I witnessed it. Firstly, he tried to wear the pants standing. He tried with his right leg but failed. Then, he tried with his left leg, and still couldn’t wear it. Finally, he sat down, and slowly put his legs through the pants. Seng Chor and I were really enjoying every seconds of it. Because the pants were a bit tight, he couldn’t pull it up entirely. He struggled and cried for help. So, I went over and helped him to pull it up - it was actually worn wrongly – the back of the pants were in front.

2) He chose what he wanted to wear!
(Sunday, 2 September 2007)

I showered him. We were going out for dinner with my Dad’s friends. I chose a red shirt for him, which Seng Chor bought from Bandung. He didn’t want to wear it. Instead, he opened up his drawer and chose the shirt with Buzz Lightyear on it (I bought from Hong Kong) which was placed under a white T-shirt. I tried to force him to wear the red shirt but he cried. So, I had no choice but let him wear the shirt he chose. Then, my Dad commented that the shirt looks old. I picked up 2 other shirts and tried to let him choose but he pushed them away. We waited for the right opportunity to change him.

Just before we were about to leave the house, he passed motion. My sister and I took him upstairs to change. I showed him the red shirt again and told him that red is his Daddy’s favourite colour but he didn’t seem interested. I took the courage to take off his Buzz Lightyear shirt, and put on another newer shirt – with a picture of an insect, which Seng Chor bought from Bandung as well. Phew! Thank goodness that he didn’t complain.

He is only 20 and a half months old and he has started to choose what he wanted to wear. I’m really amazed.

Expect more surprises from him…

Hehehe! My legs are in the pants.

Oops! I can't pull it up.


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