Monday, September 10, 2007

7th Wedding Anniversary

Seng Chor and I celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary on Sunday, 9 September 2007. SEVEN! It's like unbelievable.

As usual, he tried to book the hotel but it was fully booked until October. So, we have postponed the hotel stay until the first weekend of October. It's lovely of him to plan something different to celebrate our anniversary every year. Last year, we had lobster at Pantai Seafood Restaurant. The taste was unforgettable. I was wondering whether or when I would be able to enjoy lobster again. Well, I had to wait for one year. This year is even more amazing. Instead of one , Seng Chor ordered TWO lobsters - Boston Lobster! Double joy!

This is the first time we ate lobster with claws, and Seng Chor gave me all the flesh in the claws to eat. I also get to eat the flesh in the lobster's tail. The taste is awesome - so sweet, so fresh and tasty... Jordan enjoyed the meal too. We allowed him to eat and play with the 'decorations' around the lobster - cucumber, orange and tomatoes. He drank the soup as well - kept asking for more "soup". He loved it. I gave him a tiny bite of lobster. He didn't seem to like it though. Oh, he drank almost 3/4 of my orange juice. Overall, he was happy throughout the dinner.

I can't stop thinking about the sweetness of the lobster. Hmmm...probably need to wait for another year or more to enjoy lobster again.

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