Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Second Day at Vietnam

On Wednesday, I visited a handicraft government factory for disabled. They are victims from the war. From the photos, you can observe their skills and creativity. Awesome!

After that, I made a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnel.

Cu Chi used to be a bitter battleground for many years during the Vietnam war. It is actually an “underground village” with the intricate network of over 200 km tunnels. A unique architectural structure, this is a system of tunnels deeply underground, with several floors, a labyrinth of intricate ways and windings, wherein are sections for accommodations, meeting, and preparing for battles.

According to the brochure, the Tunnel System embodies the undaunted will, intelligence, and pride of Cu Chi people, a symbol of Vietnamese revolutionary heroism. Hence, Cu Chi has been awarded the title of “Iron Land and Bronze Citadel”. To me, the tunnel is comparable to the Great Wall in China. It’s truly amazing!

You can also challenge yourselves with rifle shooting at shooting range, which my colleague did. I just watched from the side. The sound from the rifle was overwhelming.

The Government Factory

Cu Chi Tunnel

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