Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Down Memory Lane - Concerts

1988 - First concert - Anita Mui in Concert featuring the Grasshoppers (Kota Kinabalu)
The best thing about this concert – “It was free!” My Aunt Mary who works with the Press got complimentary tickets, and I got to sit on the second row from the stage! I actually had to lift up my head to see her – so close indeed. I could almost touch her. She was both a great singer and performer. The Grasshoppers were wonderful too and of course good looking.

1994 – Sally Yeh and George Lam (Kuala Lumpur)
I was working in Kuala Lumpur, then.
The thing that I remember most about the concert:
During a short Q&A session, she told the audience that we can ask any question about her except about “Wu So Lou” aka George Lam the guy with the moustache. It was kind of a sensitive issue at that time.
Overall, it was great vocal and entertainment.

1995 - First concert with Mum, sister and good friend from KK
Jacky Cheung @ Shah Alam Stadium
It was drizzling in the middle but he still continued to perform energetically. The stage was in the open air but our seats were covered.
The most memorable thing about the concert:
It was on my birthday!

1996 - First concert with Seng Chor
Michael Jackson @ Stadium Negara ) - HIStory Tour
I was really excited about it. We weren’t dating yet. We just went to the concert as friends. Hmm…my heart did beat a little bit faster as I sat next to him. Until today, I could still remember what shirt he wore – a light blue one. Michael Jackson was no doubt superb! Everything was awesome – singing, dancing, stage prop, etc. It was unforgettable!

Salvage Garden @ Shah Alam Stadium
I think this is the shortest concert that I’ve ever attended. Before the seats were warmed up, the concert ended. Actually, Seng Chor and I were slightly late but the concert was really short too. We have started dating.
Favourite song of the night – Lemon Tree.

Kelly Chen @ Arena of Stars, Genting
This is the first free concert with Seng Chor, and first concert as husband and wife. He won the tickets through a competition. Cool, eh?

Second Jacky Cheung Concert – The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 2007
Friday, 14 September 2007
@ Bukit Jalil National Stadium
When Yoke Kheng first asked me about the concert, I didn’t hesitate and agreed almost immediately. It’s cool to attend his concert for the second time, and I was happy to take a break from Jordan.

Yoke Kheng, Serene and I arrived before 7:30 pm. We walked towards the Green area for the RM 138 ticket. The queue was much shorter than the RM88 ticket section. We waited for about 5 to 10 minutes for the gates to open. Our bags were checked briefly. Then, we bought ourselves dinner – I had sandwiches and fruits. Next, we walked to Block 210 for our seats. Surprisingly, the ushers told us that our seats have been upgraded to RM 198, which is the lower tier. The reason they gave was that our seat area was blocked by the spotlights. Well, whatever the reason is, we thank God that we could be closer to Jacky. So, we were ushered to our new seats and I started to munch my dinner. It was about 7:45 pm. Kevin arrived shortly after that. He was the one who bought the tickets for us. He bought it before the promotional period, and this could also be the reason for the upgrade as well. J

The concert started at about 8:40 pm, only about 10 minutes late, and guess what, it drizzled as well…but only for a few minutes. Anyway, our seats were covered, only the stage and VIP seats were in the open air. He told the audience that he would be willing to get soaked in the rain together with them. The audience screamed with delight.

He shared that he started his singing career at the age of 23, and that’s 23 years ago. Well, we could then all guess his age – 23+23 = 46 years old! He has 2 daughters. As he shared about his family, he sang songs that he composed especially for them. He composed 2 songs one for his first daughter and another for his wife. He proudly said that he composed both the lyrics and music. He composed for his daughter first because he made a promise to compose for her. Later, his wife also made a request for a song. As for the second daughter, he hasn’t written a song for her yet, as she doesn’t know how to ask him to do so. However, for the time being, he dedicated a Mandarin song to her. The song that he wrote for his wife is really beautiful. He said that anyone can use this song and dedicate it to their loved ones – wife, husband, girlfriend, and boyfriend. He quipped that the more we use the songs, the ‘fatter’ (i.e. richer) he gets. Hehehe! Actually, I was expecting him to flash pictures of his family as he sang those songs dedicated to them. Oh well….

He jokingly shared that he didn’t know that man exists until he was 3 years old. Most of the male in his family – father, uncles, cousins were sailors. He didn’t get to see his father until he was 3 years old because his father came back every 3 years from his sailing trip. So, at 3 years old, he realized that there are men in the world. He has been surrounded by women all his life – now, he has 2 daughters, his wife is of course a woman, including the maids, there are 8 women staying in the house with him. That’s why he said that he understands women very well. The crowd cheered! Then, he added, “Of course, I also understand man because I am a man! More screaming and shouting from the crowd was heard.

Besides singing his own hit songs, he sang few songs from other singers as well – Cantonese and Mandarin. Some of the lyrics were shown on the screen so that the audience could sing along. Too bad I couldn’t read much. I would love to sing along with him. Thankfully, I managed to borrow the binoculars from Dolly. He definitely looked older (I could almost see his wrinkles on the forehead) but still got the boyish look when he smiled. I think he has a scar below his right eye.

He is a versatile entertainer/performer/artist. He joked, sang, danced and acted in the concert. I would say that the concert is divided into 4 parts – the Introduction, sharing of his life and family through words and songs, the musical drama – Perhaps Love (cool acting by Jacky), and the final encore. The encore itself was more than half an hour! Amazing!

The concert ended at about 12:05 am – 3 and a half hours! There was a jam at the exit, but we eventually avoided it and had a smooth journey after that. I reached home at 1:30 am. This is another highlight for me this year.

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