Monday, September 24, 2007

First Day in Vietnam

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, my colleague straight away asked me to go shopping with him. He found out the direction to this famous Benh Tanh Market - something like our Central Market but cheaper stuff. There is a night market in that area as well. We walked there - about 10 minutes. It was difficult because of the traffic. As I mentioned before, crossing the road is a real challenge in Vietnam. Furthermore, they drive on the left-hand size of the car. So, my colleague had to warn me each time I tried to cross the road. We need to look at both directions because sometimes the motorbikes zig-zag along the road but they don't drive as fast as the Malaysian bikers.

Things that I bought on the first day:

  • Chopsticks with various designs

  • 50 key chains

  • 2 Jewellery boxes made of stone

  • Fridge magnets

After that, we had dinner at Pho 24 - a chain restaurant on the street next to the hotel. It's my first bowl of beef noodle (Pho). I ordered the combo set which came with the beef noodle, a can of cane drink and caramel custard. It was a good meal - 43000 Dong ~ RM 10.

Next, we had Vietnamese coffee at the Givral Place in the hotel. There's free Wifi access. So, we checked our emails and I chatted awhile on the msn.

I went to bed around 12 midnight - Malaysia time. Vietnam is actually one hour behind Malaysia.

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