Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Dad - the Durian Lover

My Dad loves durian. Whenever he comes to visit us, he would look for durians. He doesn't eat much but he likes to try out different types of durian. We took him to SS2 twice after dinner for durians. On the first night, we ordered only 1. The next night, he bought 2 for take-away.

On Sunday night, a group was going from street to street to sell durians, and my Dad bought about 10. I have been having durians for dinner for the past 2 nights. Well, I have learned the price of gluttony. So, I didn't over-eat. I make sure that I drank lots of water after that, and even drank salt water as well. :)

Durian season is going to end soon. Better eat while you still can.

We have eaten 2 packs. There are 3 more packs in the freezer.

The bag with the durian. We gave away the other 3. I didn't get to count the number of durians my Dad bought. It's probably between 8 to 10 durians.

(My Dad was here from 29 August 2007 to 3 September 2007)

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